Running with a Backpack

Hi all,

I've just started running home from work and have been stuffing my clothes into a little bag to throw over my sholders and run. But it is very uncomfortable (lots of chaffing under the arm pits, deodorant leaves me in agony).

I was hoping some of you might have a bit of advice for me as to how I could make this all more confortable, particularly with respect to buying a suitable new bag..... I don't want to spend money on one that won't be any good.

Thanks for any help.



  • BB79 - coming from a hill running background I use and can recommend the Lowe Alpine Elite 27, it has plently storage and has a three way strap system for securing it round your body, I only have one reservation, it tends to need retightening every 10 minutes so if that is a problem then go with the KIMM sack (Karrimor), ask in any good outdoor store for either of these products.
    They are both really comfy for running with.
  • Cheers Goatie............. I'll be off and trying those this lunch time.
  • BB79 - I also run home on occasion and have had similar difficulties. I now leave as much as possible in the office (shoes, suit etc) and only carry essentials. Also found that the tighter to your body you can hld the contents of your bag the less it bounces/rubs/distracts you, therefore would suggest bearing this in mind when buying a bag - try not to get one bigger than you need, and make sure it has straps you can tighten in.
  • Running Bare, are you franchising yourself out. You seem to be in every discussion!!! Is this physically possible???
  • Lagerman - no I'm not franchising out, although a Running Bear franchise does have a ring to it. (Please don't refer to the Windy thread here.)

    I'm just abusing the internet access provided by my employer whilst my boss is on holiday! Expect to see a dramatic reduction in posting when he returns next week!
  • Fair enough! Fun innit?
  • Doh - Running Bear has been taken - v nice socks they do though. :-)

    Now Running Bare... Well you could do trainers, but just not the clothes ?

  • Running Bare clothes would have to be in a similar sartorial style to the Emperor's new ones!
  • Ok, so RB franchise can do shoes, backpacks (getting back to the original theme of this thread - sorry for hijacking!), all accessories possibly including hats and gloves...
  • Hi BB79, I use KIMM sack 25 with no problems. They're designed for running (mountain marathons)and come in 20, 25 and 30 litre capacities, Well thought out design and very stable. Go to for stockists
  • Hi !
    Entered this thread a bit late - Being a miser I wanted a rucsac for long distance running which wouldn't break the bank. I found the answer in the form of a Regatta X-ert 20 daysac for £18.00. It has two bottle pockets on each side, a bungee on the back for loose stuff,chest strap,waist strap and a removal foam insert. It even has its own dayglo elasticated cover you can put on if it gets wet.Excellent value and it works!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Berghaus Nitro is brill. Can't remember the capacity but it's fine for carrying what you need to run home. You can strap it up tight so the contents don't jiggle about and it's comfortable. About £50 I think but worth it. Got mine at John Lewis a little while back. Left it on the train once (was going to run home that night) and managed to get it back from lost property using the description 'small lime green & black rucsac'.
  • Hi, just back on line after 3 days with no connection.

    I use a Lowe Alpine contour event 35 when I run to work. It straps really well and the copression straps cut bounce completely, even though I carry shirt, underwear, socks, towel, files and folders (but not class sets)and my lunch. I only have to adjust on the run if I forget to do it before starting.

    The external mesh pocket is ideal for water, extra breakfast and flashing red lights too.

  • Those rucksacks that carry water are made by Camelbak, and very good they are too. Lots of different models, but all basically a plastic bladder with a tube connected for drinking. The tube attatches to the shoulder strap near your mouth, so you can drink with out messing around in your bag

    If you already have a rucksack, you might consider the Unbottle, which will fit inside it, or look at the Platypus Big Hosers, which are cheaper, although more basic.

    Look in bike shops for Camelbaks, or Outdoors shops for platypus'.
  • The Camelback's are great as long as you make sure you clean them properly! My disgusting brother managed to let his go all mouldy because he didn't wash & dry it carefully enough. That was tasty the next time he used it!
  • thanks for your help all. i have now invested in a Lowe Alpine Walkabout 35, very comfortable and big enough for all i want it for (even enough stuff for a weekends drinking in Bournemouth, no running for me this weekend).

    Thanks again,
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