Big Woody

As the description says. If any one is interested in doing some training rides on the course let me know I would be happy to set something up. I can even help with accommodation and bike transport.


  • Only the Little Woody for me, final build before Tenby. Through the Forest of Dean tomorrow as part of some charity ride.
  • MTRI, I reckon the forest is a great place to train for Wales. I was out today, as part of my  route I did the climb up from the A48 to Mitcheldean that of part of the Big Woody route.

    Enjoy the Forest tomorrow, I am out at work all day but If I spot you I will give you a 'Go Pirate'


  • It's on my radar.

    Every other plan I've had for this year has been pissed on. From the previous results I guess that it will be a test in discipline for the solitary rider/runner. Headtorches will be needed for the run, as it will get very dark.

    I still want to ride this route, and will probably check the distance, including the ride there from Gloucester. That'd make a day of it!

    Edit: the loop itself is 46 miles. I've got 14 miles to get to the start of the loop, and 14 home again! Like I said, that'd be an outing...


  • Blisters, I will drop you a PM with my number if you want to meet up for a ride?

    The ride from Glawster to the start line at Tidenham Quarry alone is a bit tasty. image

  • Duda

    I tried to call you, but there was no response from that number.

    It's more normal to excommunicate me AFTER we've met.



  • none typo number sent via PM, my bad! I am working on the River Usk around Llangynidr today. I am taking the bike with me to see if I can find a suitable hill to train on after work. image

  • I was in full pirate attire, biking with the gang of 12 through the forest and associated hills.

    53 miles and mullered.

  •  I went out on the bike. Headed not for Mount Ventoux, but 15 miles away to towards the Forest of Dean, and the Big Woody course. Did most of it, and rode home. 59 miles, with an awful lot of it on the little ring. Bizarrely, the wind appeared to be against me the whole way, and the only hills were ups. The route home got me a 40 mph descent though. That course is not for wimps.

  • Blisters, its something peculiar about the wind in the forest. Which ever way you are riding it's in your face.


  • I have this feeling that they will make a couple of alterations to the course. There's at least 2 places where landslips have occurred.
    The B4234 on the banks of the R Wye between Walford and English Bicknor. The road surface is shockingly bad, but then there's a rockfall and one carriageway is shut, and there are temporary (long term) traffic lights. Nobody is doing any work there.

    More significantly, as you carry on the B4234, there are warnings of Road Closed Ahead, and sure enough, on the gradual climb up to English Bicknor the road surface has slumped by 6", across 2/3 of the road width. They have put concrete blocks across the road width, and you have to get off to negotiate them. OK for a solo ride, but not for a race. When I got to the top, I wondered what all the fuss was about. Then I carried on just past English Bicknor, and found Chapel Hill. Granny gear was needed, and I wonder what I'd be like with 80 Forest miles in the legs.

  • Same question to Tr-Talkers, any unusual fuel type requests for the run section? image

  • would love to do this one........left it a bit late and ran out of money so will be looking out in a few months for an early bird entry for next year......

    will try and pop over to support.....image

  • I should be back from Tenby in time to support.

    Seren, do you want to meet up and fo a Pirate support crew?
  • to check times as son is leaving from cardiff airport that day for a year in china.....image

  • F*ck it, just entered.  Not been on a bike in 6 weeks or swum but I did run on Saturday so I should be ready .... image

  • so jealous Pingu...image


  • My turn to cheer you on Iron Pingu. See you at the Lamb in mitcheldean and hopefully then again at the sports centre just after Christchurch.
  • What time does the swim start On Saturday?

  • I just looked on the website and saw that there is no registration on Sat. If any pirates want overnight accommodation in the Forest I am happy to help.

  • Swim starts ta 06:30 for the Big Woody, 07:30 for the Little Woody.  It'll be cold in the water whatever time you start

  • its lovely swimming in that quarry when there are divers beneath you sending up airbubbles


  • had a stomach bug since yesterday morning  which hasn't gone so will not be coming to support now.

    race well all and have fun

  • Apparently water is 18-20 degrees! 

    Hope you feel better soon Seren.

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