Challenge Barcelona 2014

Me and Shuffles are in image

Her first IM distance race, and no way was I gonna sit around an support for 14-15 hrs...

Instead I'll race then support the last 3 image

Nice late season target, (flatter than Wales) to stop you getting board after Nice?  Entries are easy, although payment process was fun image





  • This was my first last year, bike was flat, sea was very lumpy. Rented a very good and cheap apartment close to transition if you want details.

  • I like the idea. Need to get a few ducks in a row first. Anyone know how long before it's likely to sell out?
  • What's face cream got to do with it? image

  • I can't say much about the race but it's great for spectating! Loads of bars! image

  • hotel the night before flight booked......

    flight booked,

    hotel booked, 

    its not cheap this race business.


    Found a lovely little TT frame for the missus..... £650 plus groupset / bars / whhels... hmmm  don't think I can hide that in the monthly bills image   I think shes staying on the road bike image



  • Looks like you're doing Ironman Barcelona now, they've just been bought out.

  • Oh mannnnnn. I'd have loved to do this!

  • Did this 3 years ago - great course, weather, location.  Planning on doing it this year but will have to watch the registrations now its Ironman and save a lot more.

  • That closes the door on the pissabolity I might sign-up as the rereleased IM entries are bound to disappear in minutes, non?

  • anyone know how to change the name of a thread???

    I suspect the entries will take a little time to fill.  Challenge Barcelona did not fill so I suspect IM Barcelona will take a little time - it will sell out next year though...

    I have seen nothing from anyone on transfer but I assume its automatic and I'll hear in the next week or so.

    I paid via bank transfer and have heard nothing from challenge barcelona about confirmation, but I suspect they have had other things on their mind in the last month - like launching a new web site, new entry site etc etc etc 

    fingers crossed as I have flights and a hotel image

  • €395 very reasonable, for IM.

    I wanna do this but caught between waiting a couple of months to know whether, logistically, I can and risking the event selling out vs paying for entry and chucking no less than 50% of the fee away if I have to cancel.  Urgh.

  • got a confirmation - we are in IM Barcelona image

  • Me too image

  • So is it the same race that was Challenge Barcelona? Or a new one

  • Looking at the ironman website it says 1 lap of the swim, 2 long plus one short lap of the bike and 4 laps of 10k for the run which seems to be the same as the Challenge course.

    I hope so, it was a decent course.

    See you there SA?

  • As of 10 minutes ago ... I'm in.

  • yay! - its a pirate rowboat!

  • Since it seems now to be a semi-official outing, I'll need to read one of these numerous kit threads to find out how I go about sporting some black n yella in Barca...
  • beg, borrow or steal image

    what size are you?

  • 6ft 4 with 40 in chest.

    I'm rather hoping Barca will be an opportunity to top up the tan earnt at IMA so buying or borrowing a pirate tri top would be ideal.

    Any suggestions who I should hassle?

  • Advice sought. It's 16 weeks to IM Barcelona on 5 October (as of 14 June). Can I get myself ready to take part? I did the Outlaw Half two weeks ago in under 6 hours so have a reasonable level of fitness. Am concerned I'm not giving myself enough time to prepare to go long.... Help!

  • Yes, that is plenty of time to go from half to full.


  • Six weeks additional long distance training plus three for taper would suffice so sixteen weeks is easily enough time.

    See you on the start line!
  • 16 weeks.... if you've done a half then yep -go for it.
  • OK I'm in - thanks for the encouragement!

  • Yes, you'll be fine - see you there image

  • Flying to and from Luton.

    Arrive Barca Thursday 02 Oct 8:50PM

    Leave Barca Monday 06 Oct 10:40PM

    Hiring car to drive to and from Calella.

    Happy to throw people in car if I can help with transport from airport or for bike course recce on the Friday / Saturday.
  • For any Pirates thinking, actually, I might like to jump in on the action at Ironman Barcelona in October:

    1.  There are a few hundred places left.  £370.

    2.  Return flights from UK are still less than £100 (I'm flying Easyjet Luton Barca and back for £90 & OH is flying Ryanair StanstedGirona and back for £70).

    3.  My hire car cost less than £50 Thursday to Monday inclusive.

    4.  Three days half decent accommodation on top of the start line cost approximately £50 per night.

    Relative to the cost of most other IM events, this is a steal!

  • I will be interested to hear how it goes. Isnt it the debut for this event this year. I'm hoping to do it next year for my 50th

  • im looking forward to this 

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