Mizuno Wave Alchemy -> Connect?

Hi all

Just wondering whether anyone has some recent experience of this. I have ran in Wave Alchemy for many happy years, but after ringing Mizuno I just found out they have been discontinued. Nooooooooo! So: either I will buy all the Alchemys that money can buy on the internet, or transition into their new model, the Wave Connect. 

So, has anyone made this change, or does anyone know how similar/different the shoes are? Thanks so much! 


  • Well, I've bitten the bullet and got a pair of Wave Paradox today (apparently the successor to Wave Alchemy, NOT the Connect mentioned above). If anybody's interested, ask me in a few weeks how they feel. 

  • I had to make the switch as well, I have to say though that I prefer the Paradox. I severely over pronate so was a bit sceptical but after just 30k I Iove the new shoes and they are so light as well.

    How are you finding yours?

  • Thought i'd Jump on this thread as I am really enjoying the Wave Paradox. Done about 200 miles in them and they still feel great. I over pronate massively and these have really helped my knees. I have just picked up a second pair as the original colors are now half price at Runners Need. That's my shoes sorted for the next 8 months now.

    How are you both finding them? Still liking them? 


  • I had to do the same after wearing Alchemy for three years. I had a sore left Achilles for a few runs after the change to Paradox and then some rubbing around the top of the laces but after they broke in a bit both these issues went away.

    I'm now really liking them... However they seem to be wearing VERY fast . The heel especially. At this rate I'll maybe only get 2 -2.5 months out of a pair which really isn't good enough at the price they are. Good job they're half price right now in the old colours!
  • Just to add that the Paradox are on special offer via the private sale at Sweatshop for less than £60. Half price, which goes someway to make up for the fact they only last half as long!

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