I need a little assistance please!

What would a low blood pressure and high heart rate possibly indicate?



  • A trip to the doctors ?

    Who said you have these things ?
  • Just what I was wondering Cougie.

    Who checked your pulse & BP, why were they doing it and what did they say about them at the time?

  • The two things aren't necessarily linked are they? You can have naturally occurring low blood pressure but a high heart rate through something like anxiety. 

    Ask your GP.

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    I have very low blood pressure and a racing heart. It's stress.

  • Right.   I don't have these things Wilkie does and my equipment and the hospitals concur.  Doctor says both are within the normal range which they are but in combination for example 97 over 65 with a pulse of 95 seems a bit off to me.

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    (I didn't mean to post that. I'm not a health professional.image)

  • Where's Hippo when you need her?

  • A 95 resting heart rate isn't normal, especially for someone who runs.  If your doctor says is suggesting it's ok, get a second opinion.

  • Given that three weeks ago normal would have been in the 60's I don't think so either.  Up to 100 surprisingly, is not as abnormal as you may think but to my mind a low pressure combined with a high heart rate suggests a problem to me.  I'm wondering if  possibly a hole in the heart or leaking valve might be indicated by low pressure and high heart rate  either of which could lead to a clot and a stroke which is what has happened in this case.

  • Woah - this is Wilkie that's had the stroke ? Sheesh - I'm sorry to hear that.

    Clearly if HR is usually 60 and now its 90 - then that's wrong.

    Hope they work it out quickly for you !
  • It is Cougie.  She is OK she walked almost a mile yesterday and her speech is not affected but they have not found a cause for the clot.  The area of damage is big according to the initial MRI scan taken within 48hrs but the loss of function is surprisingly low for the amount of damage which they can't explain, apparently she shouldn't be able to sit up.  She's had another MRI with dye today but the report hasn't come back yet.  I've asked about the blood pressure and hr and it's been dismissed as within the normal range, but it's not for her and I've pointed this out.  They don't seem to be interested as it's not a problem in itself.  Initially in the first few days the BP was higher in the 120/130's still with a high hr and that made more sense.

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    Normally a high heart rate is an indication that something is wrong. The thing is, that something can be anything. In itself it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with your heart. 

    If the Drs. are making investigations then they are looking for what is wrong. 

  • Kittenkat she walked down the corridor in the hospital on Friday saying "before I leave here I'm going to get a marker and correct all these notices"  I swear she said that.

    Despite all the damage done it seems to have completely missed the area controlling pedantry. image

  • I just got a text from her that says "I will be home tomorrow!  Whatever they say image"

    I don't do FB if someone could get Hippo to PM me that would be good.


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    Just thinking... if Wilkie's heart rate is normally ~60bpm, then 90bpm is certainly elevated but within 'normal' range.

    But what's her blood pressure normally like? In the immediate post-injury state you say it was in the 120/130s, so with recovery it's fallen. 97/65 isn't hypotensive, and for someone who is generally fit then it seems perfectly reasonable rather than low. 

    Obviously both are related, but the heart rate seems to be more anomalous than the blood pressure... And that can be brought on by stress/anxiety which I should think is to be expected given the circumstances! 

    Just my thoughts image

    Lots of well wishes, by the way! Hopefully correctly punctuated...

  • Agree with all of that UB although even under stress I would have thought there would have been a range between waking and peak activity but maybe not.

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    Is the heart rate fairly consistent then? Not much variation with activity/rest?

    Something else to consider would be hydration - low volume (dehydration) will result in low bp and elevated heart rate. 

    I'm assuming (hoping!) they've done ECGs?

  • Could it be that the medics are disregarding Wilkie's level of fitness and therefore dismissing the high resting HR because it falls within the 'normal' range for the general population?

    Best wishes to Wilkie.

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭

    Sorry can't help on the medical side but I wish her a speedy recovery!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    same as Jindalee. send her our best wishes. 

  • jelly bean wrote (see)

    Kittenkat she walked down the corridor in the hospital on Friday saying "before I leave here I'm going to get a marker and correct all these notices"  I swear she said that.

    Despite all the damage done it seems to have completely missed the area controlling pedantry. image

    Sounds like she's well on the mend!

    Hope she continues to make a speedy recovery.

  • UB her blood pressure would normally be in the area of 120/130 for the upper with an hr of 65 to 75.  She says she has a max hr of around 200 but I've run with her many times and she would be running at 85% + of max for an easy run which would be working quite hard which she's not.  So either 200 is well below her true max...not impossible but unlikely or something is out of wack.

    She has had ECG's but not had an echocardiogram which they say they can't do until May.  It doesn't help that I know of two people who have been discharged from the same hospital, both had strokes with no cause found and they both pursued it privately and both had holes in the heart large enough to need sealing.  In each case a TOE scan was used to find the hole and this is not being offered, apparently it's not appropriate.

    So basically she's probably being discharged tomorrow not knowing why she's had a stroke which I'm not happy about.  I understand, they've got wards full of stroke patients who can't get out of bed or speak and will be in for months and are expensive, times are hard for the NHS. 

  • I agree it's not good enough to send a person home not knowing what the cause was. 

    How much would it cost to have a scan done privately?

  • Just sending wilkie all the best for a speedy recovery 



  • Update.  Following yesterdays scan the consultant says the clot was caused by a split in the artery in the neck or very base of the skull.  She's coming home this afternoon.  I'm about to get my sock draw re-filed!

  • It's good to know what it was - do they have any idea what caused that to happen?

  • Apparently not.  Probably a misplaced apostrophe. image

  • Best wishes to Wilkie. I wish her a speedy recovery.

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