Brighton Marathon 2015

well I’ve just finished my 5th Brighton marathon and enjoyed it as much as the previous 4 so i guess it’s time to start the thread for next year’s race never went for a time this year as i opted to run with my daughter so next year I’ll be having a pop at my PB which currently stands at 3:37:09 would dearly love to go sub 3:30:00 but we shall see



  • Hurrah you started the thread Toby3 and im sure you can go sub 330 next year with the training you put in every year.

    Well after a failed attempt or two I will be there next year.  Went to watch on Sunday and im really looking forward to it. Finally given up on aiming for a time and just want to complete the course and soak up the atmosphere without stressing myself out trying to hit a particular time.

    Started taking my training more seriously this week, rather than just running for fun when I feel like it,  so far I did 6 miles yesterday and 4 this morning averaging about 1015/1030.  Have definitely lost fitness and my average pace is slipping, my legs aching but I am really enjoying running again and its nice not to worry about pace when I run and just to get the buzz that I did the miles however long it took.

  • hi Tillstar welcome to the new thread looking forward to hearing how the training going and meeting you at Brighton next year

  • Super MooSuper Moo ✭✭✭

    My head says yes, me thighs currently say no.

  • Super Moo mydaughter Snowmaiden say''s she can relate to that one

  • I had to defer from this weekend to 2015 - so i'm in for 2015 image

  • you are joking! £52.30 for this?

  • I'm in! Got my early bird entry sorted at the expo. Excited already! 

    Alan - I think the price is pretty good, closing all those roads can't be cheap, and the organisation was (I thought) totally first rate. Lots of marathons I've seen are nearer the £100 mark.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Toby - I was told we would get a payment email today. Probably after midday.

  • what marathons are £100 mark? no offence brighton is good! but it isn't that good!

  • Entry is open!! Just waiting for an email with a link to enter from early bird! I assume this is the correct thing to do????


  • I've just entered - will be my first marathon. 

    Don't think £55 is that bad for a city marathon.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Alan, I thought the same about the price for this year, before I ran it yesterday.  But having done so, it doesn't feel like a rip off.

    Hard to say what's a truly fair price.  I would have no qualms at 40 quid.  None whatsoever.  So maybe 52 is OK too.

    What value did I get? Everything laid on a plate for me. The admin. A surprisingly interesting expo. The course laid out, fenced off - a huge operation to lay out, and deconstruct. A big temporary pedestrian bridge too was a good idea. Big crowds. Closed roads everywhere. Chip timing. About 6-8 quidsworth of on-course drinks - handed to me so I didn't need to break stride. 

    And in comparison, it's about 6 weeks gym membership,....  and by giving myself the Brighton target, I didn't need a gym. It's less than a pair of shoes.  I paid 20 quid to get into a football match a couple of weeks back. Also about  9,000 people...  but you get a lot less for your money. Hire a canoe for a day..40 quid.  These things cost money.

    I also like a cheaper, quieter event...  but I wouldn't knock 50 quid for this one.


  • Did anyone else notice the 11mile mark was around 11.25 miles. Also tried to sign up for next year. It's still asking me for full amount even tho I paid ??10 at expo. Any ideas?
  • Going for G.F.A. time next year, so sub 3:45. After this year's success, I feel that as long as I put in the work, it should be do-able.

  • MARKD - email will be sent to you today that will enable you to enter at the reduced fee - according to their facebook site - im assuming its a link or something


  • Hi - I thought I'd get in early on this thread and say hello. 

    I followed the end of the 2014 thread but until Sunday wasn't sure if I was going to run / race Brighton as I'm doing London this weekend having got a place in the ballot and, not knowing if I'd get a place again, I was thinking of making that my 'A' race.

    I did Barcelona a couple of weeks back and ran round with Wenty having met him in the pen at the start. I PB'd there with 3:20:39 (having been targeting sub 3:30) so decided to target either Brighton or London with a sub 3:15 attempt.

    In the run up, with the weather forecast so I awful I was intending to just jog Brighton (or just not do it at all), but then with the perfect conditions on the day and having found the 3:15 pacer about 1/2 a mile in I quickly decided to see how long I stick with them.

    I had a great run and managed a new PB of 3:14:37.  I very much doubt I'll be able to get close to let alone better that in London so I'm looking forward to just enjoying that one.

    Hopefully there will be an autumn marathon for me, maybe Bournemouth, but for Brighton next year I'll be targeting a sub 3:05.  I'm looking forward to joining you on the journey there!

  • I'm thinking of doing this as my first ever marathon... Would it be a good choice? I've done a couple of halves but after an injury and several other set backs i feel back to square one. What do you think? Good idea or shear madness???? 

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    It's a very good first marathon Sarah.   Pretty much as flat as they come, and the crowds can carry you home.

    Only danger is wind off the sea... but to be honest, if needed, you can tuck in behind bigger people for a windbreak...  and anyway, you can never control the weather.

    Go for it.

  • Scary. My sister lives in Lewes and I love being by the sea but the thought of 26 miles is a bit daunting. I'm planning a half beginning of July, so will have about 9 months to double my mileage. I'm nervous Already! 

  • Hi all. I've just registered for my third image

    Who'd have thought it eh?

    In 2012 lardy ar#e me watched the marathon and decided in a moment of madness to book my place for 2013.

    In 2013 I got round in 4'28" and loved it.

    In 2014 I got round in 3'40" and still love it.....roll on 2015!
  • Yes I'm in for 2015, my 5th Brighton marathon. I don't really like big road races but Brighton is nice and convenient for me and I can walk to the start line in 15 minutes.

    Got a 5 minute PB this year in 3:43:24 so next year will be trying for a 3 as the second number, ie 3:39:59!

  • Just registered...........bring on the pain image

  • Hi all, new here but really enjoying my running.

    I was expecting to run a 4.30 or slightly less at this years Brighton Marathon but suffered a foot injury that turns out to be a stress fracture at mile 17 and my time went right down to finishing in 5 hours 15 mins.



    I'm doing it again in 2015 and can't wait. Brighton was an excellent race and close to home. Excited already just need my foot to heal before I can begin seriously training.

  • MarkD wrote (see)
    Did anyone else notice the 11mile mark was around 11.25 miles.

    Yes, I saw that as well. I was ticking the miles off via my pace band and I went from 25 seconds ahead at the 10 mile marker to nearly 2 minutes behind at 11 miles and back to 25 seconds at the 12 marker.

    I also noticed the lamp-post after the 20 mile marker had an orange line and the number 20 sprayed on the floor.

    Neither really made a difference other than to give me something to ponder while I ran.

  • I'm still waiting for my email as i signed up at the exbo so can't enter officially till then

  • The price is just scary, I'd love to do it again as I have unfinished business with Brighton but not for ??52.50 lots of cheaper city marathons out there!
  • Still waiting for my email too... Keep checking my inbox every few minutes!

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