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  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    10k/44:30 on the treadmill this morning.  A PB by 3 whole minutes.  Felt real good too, could knock a lot more off that.  The weight is dropping off too, down to 11st 9lb. from about 12st 9lb.  11st would be my fighting weight and running can only be easier and quicker if I hit that.

  • Basher oh yes the running is a lot easier i went from 13st 07lbs to now being 10st 7lbs and the difference it's made to the running is reflected in the times I'm running I've gone from a 52 minute 10k to a 46 minute 10k a 1:51:00 H/M to a 1:41:00 H/M and from a 4:15:00 marathon down to a 3:37:00 when you’re not carrying an extra 3st around the running is a lot easier

    it's the same for Snowmaiden the first year she ran Brighton she took 7:10:00 and it nearly killed her by this year’s race she had lost 3st in weight trained a lot harder and got around in 5:26:00 taking 1:44:00 of her time

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    Nice one toby.  I have had many targets, many of which I have already acheived. Just shows that training (and I've been steady on the booze) does pay off.  4 months ago I dreamed of sub 45 for 10k, but suspected it was pie in the sky.  Did 44.30 relatively easily this morning to be honest.  Reckon could get that down to 42.00 within a month.  Might try the seaford 10k as an outdoor test 6 July. 

    Well done to snowmaiden and yourself.

  • I also dropped from 15.5 st when i started running 3-4 years ago to 12 st now, as you say my times have dropped massive amounts.

    Basher, sorry to say but it does get harder and harder to shave time off your PB's. Dropping 2.5 minutes in 1 month sounds like you either did not run your last 10k at top effort or you will be winning races in a years time!

  • Ive dropped 5lbs in the last week making me 9st aiming for a little more maybe about 8st 10 ish. Did this purely by switching to an almost Paleo diet / eating wholesome food and no processed foods and running more.  Times are getting a lot quicker and I feel stronger and more energised. Also has the plus side that my bike shorts now fit properly too which was a pleasant discovery at spin last night image

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    didn't drop 2.5 mins in 1 month.  Only ever done 10k hard on a treadmill once: 5 years ago - 47.30.  

  • Hi all, I have also entered for 2015 image.

    Missed the last two BM's and haven't run much in the last two years. Too busy / injured(!) Have entered Seaford Lions HM in June, so will see how that goes.

    Happy running all imageimageimage

  • Thanks toby3 I'm really pleased.

    On the weight side of things, I've been battling to get mine down for a while now , started last year at 13st 6lb and this year at 12st 3lb but managed to get down to around 11st 5lb the problem is getting below that lol. My targets for now are to do a sub 30 5k and sub 60 10k. I best crack on with the training!!

    Good luck everyone x

  • Tillstar, my running weight is 9 stone which is where I've been now for 6 months I was nearly 10 stone last July, but slowly lost the weight while half marathon training, I then found myself under the 9 stone mark at 8:10 but boy I found I didn't have any energy to run properly so got back up to 9 stone and found that's my best running weight, light enough for speed!! But not too light that I feel drained!! 

    Nice to see lots of new faces on this thread too ...

    I'm still running, I run every morning with my two dogs I do at least 3:5 miles on the grass around our local meadow, I did 5 yesterday and I've got the boys up to 7 miles, it's getting muddy again !! Yea!! Entered sodbury slog for November, and now I've booked to absiel down the Avon gorge in October, not quite running but another challenge for me cos I'm not good on heights 

  • Thanks for your post Yvonne.  Interesting to know that, im still getting faster at the moment but if the weight doesn't drop any lower I will accept that's where it needs to be and if I start to struggle I will up the weight back to where I am now then.

    Your dogs are a lot fitter than mine she just likes that I run as it means she can crawl into my bed while I am out image

    5 miles for me this morning, legs felt heavy after Tuesday's big session but I still managed a faster time than I have done on that route for a while.

  • I found my weight levels out at a certain level and hard to drop it below that.

    Very slack week for me with just a couple of 10ks ... doing weights most days though.

  • After your post Yvonne I have decided not to worry about my weight or a target. I am just below 9st now and im happy that I have lost enough to be healthier and im more interested in being able to run a lot and feeling strong when im doing it so I shall continue to eat a healthy mainly paleo diet and the weight can do what it needs.

    5 miles again this morning all miles started with a 9 and the last one was 8.55 giving an average of 9.29 image Still have no intention of aiming for a time next year but it is really pleasing to see the improvement eating healthy and training well can bring - Less than 2 weeks ago my average was nearer 1015

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    7.2k 34:30 During lunch at work up and down Brighton sea front, lovely weather too. First time I've done a lunchtime run, there is ample time for a shower and sandwich afterwards so might make it a regular occurrence.  And it's free, certainly beats spending a tenner down the pub and feeling sh1t in the afternoon, which Is what I was doing throughout 2013.

  • Basheer sounds like a great way to spend the lunch hour - I am very jealous! No shower here so I cant do that

  • week 4 of training comes to a close Snowmaiden missed the 4 mile run she was meant to do Wednesday so we add it to the 6 we were going to do today so the aim today was just to see how much she could run of it we also kept the pace down

    as it turned out it turn into an 10.75 mile run of which she managed to run the first 6.5 straight off after that it was a run walk for the next  4.25 though i have to say there was more running than walking

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    I am going a bit crazy for running at the moment.  thinking about it all day and get anxious when i dont have a run.  Parkrun tomorrow then hopefully a HM in 1:45 on sunday, just a training run, will be longest run in two months, really looking forward to it.

  • Up at 4.30am this morning, must be barking mad and done a 4 mile run along the Sea front in Whitstable, the best time of the day for me, as i struggle after a day at work. Struggled with my weight over the last year, but im determined to drop it now, as fed up running with another 5 bags of sugar around me.
  • I find it hard not to reward myself with food for going for a run,as you invariably end up eating more calories than you ran...not that I do that after every run but a few times a week I'll say to myself I'll have a cake as I ran for 30 mins this morning!! 

    What I should do is put the money for that cake or chocolate bar in a tin and go for a massage!! 

    I'm not saying I don't treat myself to cake or chocolate now I just save it for Saturday!! And not everyday!! 

    Off out with the boys now (4legged variety) hoping to do 8 miles, we did 7 last Saturday and have collectively covered 30 this week in the mornings so far, only missed  Tuesday morning!! Think I've only missed 3 runs in last four weeks , it's nice just running for pleasure, at your own pace, no training plan , I'm even loving the rain and mud 

    Happy running everyone 

  • 8:50 miles ran this morning, with my dogs, and back home by 9:15 ...don't you just love running in the mornings, totally agree with you ahapartridge mornings are becoming my fave time of day to run.

    Before I wouldn't dream of running until after 5pm until I thought my body was awake ha ha but now I'm out the door half an hour after waking up!! Ok I only go and bimble it's not a hill or interval session but I'm loving it!! I normally do leave those sessions until I've eaten and can sustain quality, but for now I'm running before breakfast on a cup of tea and finding my body is adapting to that, today my fastest mile was the last one!! Think it was ready for porridge though and wanted to get home!! 

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    5k park runin 21:29 this morning.  Very happy with that, as it is only 9s slower than my treadmill PB, and Hove isnt a real flat run.  feel confident i can get this below 20mins in june or july.  Plan on doing a half marathon on the treadmill tomorrow, 8min miles would take 1:45.  

  • good running Yvonne, 8.5 miles first thing is impressive, i'll go for 6 tomorrow morning and that'll do for me before brekkie. As for Basher, 21.29 is fabulous, i normally do the park run and only 2 more races before ive done the big 50!
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    felt good this morning, u til i started running.  Did 7.5 miles in an hour.  Then stopped, it was very hot in the gym.  Shame need to start doing some long runs, might just have to bite the bullet and do them at slower than 8min miles.

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭
    Booked my accommodation this week - what a faff! Booked one hotel who later contacted me to say, sorry, our system messed up - we only accept 2 night+ trying to cancel that one but have booked another and keeping my fingers crossed they don't do the same!
  • Should have been 8 miles this morning. In the end it was 5. Not too bothered will add the three in somewhere this week. Were up til 1am with my other half's nan who we live with and who had to go into hospital so my head wasn't really in it this morning. 5 hot miles were enough for me today but as all felt relatively comfortable and averaged 930 I'm happy enough with that.
  • will miss training for a couple of days as we cleared our shed out over the weekend and i reckon it's going to take me that long to take all the rubbish we chucked out down the tip

    my not be a bad thing anyway as Snowmaiden ankle is playing up at the moment so a couple of days rest will do it good

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭
    Your shed sounds like ours...

    10k planned with my club tonight then a well deserved rest say tomorrow, can't wait. I was naughty and skipped last week's for a bike ride with a mate, so I'm really tired.
  • 5 miles for me this morning, I was out at 6:30 for my pre breakfast run with the dogs, they are loving their summer of running, I must admit I'm enjoying ticking over the miles as normally after a winter's training for a spring marathon, I'd then not run for ages, until July for the autumn half marathon training ...

    I've got a loft full of rubbish!! Can't see it up there!! 

  • I'm in. Potentially my first ever full marathon though I'm planning on running the Stevenage one in November. Veteran of numerous halves so will see how it goes as I've DNS'd in 3 marathons to date!

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    7.2k/4.5M in 34:10 up and down Brighton seafront for lunch.

  • well despite having to clear the rubbish still managed to get out for a quick 3 mile run i do love 10k training as the run only took me 25 minutes

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