Brighton Marathon 2015



  • @2wheels don't know if you have done the stevenage half but did it last year (as well as this year due to local) but its very boring up and down underpasses just a word of warning.

  • After some speedwork last thursday my legs were aching for parkrun on sat so decided to aim for a comfortable, steady pace instead of aiming for a pb.Although it took me a little longer than normal I felt more in control and managed to get further round without a stop so felt I achieved something as my pace is usually all over the place. Onwards and upwards. X

  • 3 miles for me yesterday morning it was nice to do a shorter and  speedier run.  5 miles this morning which I deliberately kept slower and consistent as I hope to do 5-8 miles tonight as I wont be able to run tomorrow.  Both runs were in the rain so I had fun splashing in the puddles like a big kid image

  • Afternoon all

    10 miles for me today felt a struggled a bit but when i look at the time it wasn't any slower than normal so happy with that the whole run too 1:29:39 with an Avg pace 8:45m/m and that included having to stop and take my long sleeve top of as i just got to hot

    So goes to show this running's a funny old game

  • @ Robert, I've never done the half for exactly that reason! There are some far more scenic local events plus my first encounter with FVS was so bad I'm generally dis-inclined to support them. But I figure that as the full one is only held every 10 year and I doubt (hope!) I'll be living here in 2024 so figured I'd sign up for the full. Safe to say Brighton will be far more scenic

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    7k/35mins up and down brighton sea front.  I don't feel like I have much stamina tbh.  Got to force myself to do a 10 miler soon even if i have to go much slower than 8min/miles.

  • Morning all

    have the Bradley stoke 10k on Sunday will have another pop at my PB but not holding breath will do a gym session today

    Training for the Great North Run kicked of this week as well that’s only 12 weeks away now

  • Good luck for Sunday Toby

    I didn't get my run in last night, got in from work and wasn't feeling it so I had the afternoon off. We have far too long to go before I have to force myself out the door and make running no fun anymore and I had already run 5 that morning.

    I had another look at my training schedule too and decided to take a step back and not build it up so fast so there is less pressure and I can build up more gradually. Feel like it's a lot more manageable now and has a happy balance. Excited for my next run now image
  • 10 miles for me yesterday to try and keep the legs turning over, felt pretty crappy really. but its in the bank!

  • I completed my first marathon in over 2 years on Saturday.  Well pleased image.

    I managed to get to 17 miles before walking (based on only 13 miles in training) and I'm happy with that....

  • sounds a good result andy with little / no training. what time?

  • Hi Wenturtle

    I did 5:32, but went through 17 in approx 3:05.  I was pleased to cope with 17 laps to complete the 26.2 miles...

    I've done a fair few half-marathons this year (ave time 2:20) so that was the basis of my training

  • Well done andy p! good going with no training and based on your half times. You planning on doing more miles for your next marathon?

  • Thanks you image

    Plan is to extend long runs from this month (15 miles in June) and add a couple of miles per month to the long run.    Due to work etc I'm only able to train 2 or at the most 3, days per week.

    Next marathon actually booked in is Brighton, but I'm looking at a couple of other options:

    Nottingham - Sept

    Portsmouth Coastal - Dec

    How about you?

  • Looking forward to Brighton as ran London and Edinburgh marathons this year 4.49 and 4.34 without alot of training max run 5 weeks before london 15 miles then fell ill with chest infection then only rand a few 10 miles inbetween the 2 races.

    Currently weighting 14stone (5ft 7 tall) my 1st aim is to trim down to 12 stone by end of the year and train for my autum 10 miles and half mara properly! then to follow up with a good marathon training progam! 3 years ago ran a 20 miler in 2.32 hr so feel a 3.45 marathon is in my sights, pb 4.12.11 was done london 2011!!!

    Need to get rid of this b*stard cold then let it all commence!!!

  • That's very good going Robert - fingers crossed you lose the cold...

  • andy - I am also looking at portsmouth as a maybe. apart from that I have venice marathon in october, jerusalem in march the london and brighton in april. So a busy 6 months (5 marathons in 6 months)

  • I'm another looking at Portsmouth, the in-laws live there and we will be there at Christmas anyway. I dns'd it in 2012 after a horrid 6 months of illness and injury so feel like I have unfinished business. I did the coastal half in February and it was a cracking event. Only hesitation is that it means 2 marathons in 7 weeks (I have one in November), which if it goes well will line me up perfectly for a solid new year and build up to Brighton.


  • All these people talking of multiple marathons are making me feel tired image Im just doing the Tonbridge Half in September where I plan to break my PB of 2.09.09 set on minimal training by following a proper training plan this time and then that will be if for me until Brighton (and possibly London but I suspect I have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a place in the ballot)

  • Keith LKeith L ✭✭✭

    Portsmouth is now a very busy race. Probably got to big for the start venue and the course. Done it three times but now wont be back

  • @Keith they've already got over 400 entries which is crazy this far in advance!

    @Tillster - I'd stress it's just talk for me. As I said earlier in the thread I have ran numerous halves and DNS'd a few marathons! My (admittedly vague) plan is to train for the Stevenage marathon in November and if (big if) I do Portsmouth do it off the back of that training. Main focus at the moment is the Hackney half in a couple of weeks but after almost 2 weeks off with a throat infection I think it might be grim!

  • Keith LKeith L ✭✭✭

    @2Wheels - wow! The start last year was a bit hit and miss for some but the worst bit is some of the "single" lane paths - there was some arguments last year not to mention the problem with the tide coming in! Its a shame as it was a lovely race that I used to highly recommend. But will be passing on it for now.

  • Evening all,

    Managed to get 9 miles in the bank today but it was hard work, the furthest I've trained for in the past has only been 10k which I find much more manageable these days but really need to push myself further if I'm to get in any way ready for brighton next year. You're all doing so well, wish I was a more positive runner lol. X

  • I've been banking at least 10k every other night now for the last 7 weeks and I am definitely getting faster.

    My 10k is down to 43:30 and my 5k is down at 21:07. Feeling pretty good at the moment.

    It'll soon be two years (15th July) since I embarked on the C25k program and changed my life for the better!

    I plan on doing the Tonbridge Half for the second time in September too, though Windsor is the same day. I spotted the other day that it's Swansea's first ever half this summer and I missed out. Gutted as I grew up in Swansea and my Dad lives there.

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    20k=12.5miles in 1:44 tonight.  and it felt relatively easy was defo more in the tank.  Very satisfying as my previous 3 runs, despite being much shorter, were all much harder than expected, strange how that happens sometimes.  


    21km on Sunday, 10km tues and weds so starting to string some good weeks together now. 

    Basher, I know how you feel, sometimes it all just clicks And sometimes it doesn't! 

    Crustie: hang in there! Brighton is a great race and everyone is so friendly. It's worth putting in the effort so you can enjoy the day. 

  • Wenturtle wrote (see)

    andy - I am also looking at portsmouth as a maybe. apart from that I have venice marathon in october, jerusalem in march the london and brighton in april. So a busy 6 months (5 marathons in 6 months)

    wow - that's good going!

    @2wheels - I'm the same - I'd entered on 2012 and had to cry-off.  I was there in Feb for the half-marathon and that was windy!



  • @andyp - it was horrendous wasn't it. I managed 2hr 15 and despite 25 minutes down on my PB and was quite chuffed with that in those conditions. The second half was the arguably the hardest thing I've ever done!

  • Swervin Mervin - that's great times you are putting in image Well done!  Im also doing the Tonbridge Half as its my local but I will definitely be finishing behind you.

    Started half training this morning with a fast 3 miler. Averaged 8.52 miles which I am very pleased with as not so many weeks ago I averaged 10.12.  Set off way too fast and hung on for the last 2 miles but its done and if Im going to break my PB I need to some speedier runs and speed work.

  • @2wheels - I managed 2:25 that day, but I was doubled-over all along the sea-front!

    It's character building for us image

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