Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Email has just arrived, I'm in! Really excited already!

  • Mine too. But Toby's hasn't...

  • Their twitter feed implies they are being sent out one by one, rather than all in one go. Am sure it'll arrive soon.

  • I'm in and paid and so's Toby. His arrived about 40mins after mine.

  • as Snowmaiden said email has now arrived so am now offically signed up for next year

  • just a thought when looking at the price the GNR is now £50 and Bath are charging £40.50 and there both hatf marathons

  • Brighton 2014 was my first ever marathon, and I enjoyed it a lot. The seamlessness of the organisation was remarkable - there was less hassle than many smaller races with a fraction of the participants, and the crowd are just brilliant. So I'm in, again. Did 3:16:18 this time, so I think sub-3 is on. Good luck to one and all on the journey to next year!

  • Brighton this year was my first marathon, only ran my first mile in October last year so pleased just to finish! Managed under 6 hours and will be trying for sub 5 next year, so still a slow newbie! 

  • Got my email and I'm in! It'll be my fifth Brighton - only missed the first year of the event. Love the course and the atmosphere - who needs London!

  • Aha! Well done Toby3 on starting the thread image

    After my deferral I had an email today giving me until June sometime to get my guaranteed place.  So signed up today!

    Those hesitating about entering because of the price should be aware that the entrance fee goes up in stages the longer you leave it!

    Snowmaiden I was astounded to read you are aiming for 3:45 but I am sure you will achieve it.  I am aiming for a 2:30 finishing time, 2:30pm that is!image


  • First time posting here but I followed the 2014 BM thread closely and really enjoyed reading it. The 2014 BM was my first ever marathon and I loved it. I only started running 16 months ago (I am 41...). Despite a knee injury in February and the worlds worst taper (all day meetings, 6 short haul flights and no running) I managed 4 hours 19 minutes. I have just entered the 2015 BM and will be hoping to run a few seconds under 4 hours... I can't wait!
  • Had planned to get up at 530 and get a 5 miler in before work this morning but my other half decided to snore very loudly all night and no amount of hitting him would make him stop so when he finally stopped at 5 I decided I needed the extra sleep and turned off the alarm - at which point the dog started snoring! So ended up doing the 5 miles anyway and did it faster than I have for a while. It seems snoring and lack of sleep help my training lol

  • Having a week of running this week will start again on Monday next race for me is the Bristol 10k in May

  • Hope to come down and run that race with you all toby, but car is in for its MOT this Friday, so if it's not too many pennies, I'll enter over the weekend,or Monday at the latest ......Will be a good time to catch up on marathon stories too ..

  • Yvonne good luck for London have a great time can't wait to hear all about it

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I'm thinking of signing up. I am doing Chester marathon this year and then i am doing my first ultra (50 miles) at the beginning of Feb. I'm trying to decide whether I will be fit and recovered enough to do a pb at Brighton just 2 months later. I really only want to do it if I have a fighting chance to pb.

  • Khanivore, this year I ran a 155 mile multi-day day ultra (4 x marathons and 1 x 56 miler) in the desert in Jordan, then ran Brighton 6 weeks later and got a PB in 3:43:24 so it's perfectly doable, you just need to be a bit creative with your training plan!

    Which 50 miler are you doing?

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Barbie I've only been running 2 years and Brighton this year was only my second marathon. I'm guessing you have a much stronger running background than me. Regardless, that is an extremely impressive achievement. Well done! I am hoping to do the Thames Trot in early Feb 2015. After that I will decide whether I want to improve marathon time or do more ultras. I figure the two are mutually exclusive image

    What was your crazy ultra called? Do you have a blog on it? Would love to read it.

  • First time poster!

    This was my 4th Brighton Marathon, having only missed last year as my son was born in March.

    To anyone in any doubts, it's an amazing event - the crowd are brilliant and if you're taking spectators with you, it's easy for them to see you up to about 5 or 6 times on your way around. Plus, £50 is only sacrificing a couple of nights in the pub. image

    I've taken my times down from 4'32 to 3'11 over the last five years, and would love to get to 3'05 and actually qualify for London.

    Hoping to do an Ultra next year, so might not do BM next year, but will miss it.

  • Hi Khanivore, I've only been running just over 4 years and I had just done 3 road marathons before my first ultra so not that much more experience than you.

    I'd recommend trying an off-road marathon before your ultra if you can fit it in (not sure where you're based but I did Beachy Head marathon and Steyning Stinger) as they'll really help you with 'time on feet' and also learning what works for you nutrition wise. 

    It's definitely possible to do both road marathons and ultras but you'll probably end up veering towards one, I'm much more in the ultra camp these days but am sure I've got a few road marathons left in me!

    I've heard very good reports about the Thames Trot, I guess there's very little navigation involved - I totally under-estimated navigation on my first ultra and ended up running 57 miles instead of 51! My next ultra is the NDW50 next month which apparently is well sign-posted so hopefully I'll only run 50 miles this time!

    My desert ultra was the Sahara Race and I blogged about it here

    Keep me posted how your ultra training goes, I'm by no means an expert but any questions feel free to ask away.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Barbie I am doing the thames meander marathon about 6 weeks before Chester. It's relatively flat and I plan to do it at a slow training pace as I want to get a pb at Chester. I wanted to do the greensands marathon which is a hilly trail marathon but I think it would be too much to do and clashes with some other stuff.

    Thanks that's a very kind offer image I will read the blog and will get in touch when I have the inevitable questions.

  • Tillstar - so you are quite happy to punch your husband but not the dog image


  • Of course green fairy image

    Another 5 miles for me this morning making 25 for the week so far. May do 5 again tonight or as my legs felt like they were running through treacle this morning I may take the bike out instead. Putting all this weeks miles and more into a few hours seems crazy right now. Hats off to everyone who did Sunday image
  • Been back from brighton since Tuesday afternoon,washed my kit,went to work yesterday, and again today,packing my kit and case again tonight,off to London tomorrow morning,collect my number from the expo, and doing it all again Sunday morning!!! Yea!! I think!!! 

    Had a massage last night,and hopefully a little run will be had later after work too.

    Hope brain and legs communicate with each other into a running action of some sorts.

  • Khanivore, the Thames Meander marathon will be a perfect training run for the ultra as the terrain will be almost identical - use it as an opportunity to test your kit and nutrition.

    What an exciting year of running you have aheadimage

  • Barbie, I just clicked on your blog to have a quick look and ended up reading the whole thing, what an achievement! Photos look incredible.

    Yvonne, good luck in London, my legs only started walking normally yesterday and I can't imagine doing another one so soon!
  • I was slumped on the beach after my run on Sunday, trying to sip my recovery drink and not throw up, muttering that I never want to run the 'Road to Hell' ever again.

    Yesterday I signed up for Brighton 2015.

    My very first marathon was Brighton in 2012 where I finished in 4:47:58 after detonating at mile 19. On Sunday I ran my fourth marathon (second at Brighton) and set a new PB of 3:50:30. I was on course for 3:40 until a painful ankle made me hobble through the last few miles. My legs were going anyway so suspect 3:45 would have been my revised target but better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low.

    Good luck to everyone signed up for 2015 image I headed out for a gentle recovery run yesterday and will rest until another very easy parkrun on Saturday before heading off to cheer the runners in London.

    My next race is the Richmond Park Marathon, in just over 5 weeks, where I'll be meandering around the park with no time target. I always enjoy running around Richmond Park and it's nice to support a local race.

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