Brighton Marathon 2015



  • I listened to you Toby and didn't run yesterday. That made it 3 rest days in a row and should have run this morning. Family issues meant I didn't get to bed until 1230 am so I have to admit the 530 alarm was turned off. Going to try and get tonight's run in tho. Feel bad for not running but I have plenty of time yet so not stressing when life gets in the way.
  • First weekend since before Christmas with no long runs and a weekend to myself such a well needed break from running. Def got the bug though as can't wait to go for a few runs this week, definately taking it easy for a few weeks working back up to six miles. Just need these blisters to dissapear now my feet are worse than my legs after the marathon!
  • Tillstar well done on resting up and not stressing out over missing a run remember you have a whole year to train for Brighton and remember when you’re training does kick off in December or January if you have to miss a run that’s Ok as well

    you can if you feel like it always pop an extra run in later or even add 2 runs together like i was doing this year i should have done an 8 Monday and a 5 Tuesday and Wednesday but as i always go and meet Poohbear for lunch on a Wednesday i was doing a 10 Monday and Tuesday then nothing till Friday when i did my long run and then going out with Poohbear on a Saturday

     I adopted the attitude that as long as i covered the mileage for that week it didn’t matter how i did it for example i missed a 16 mile run so the following week should have been 14 so i did the 16 as my long run and did the 14 with Poohbear on the Saturday

  • I've just entered! Oh feel bit scared. My brother in law is going to be my virtual training partner but I hope you guys won't mind my constant questions and need for reassurance. I'm a very nervous first time marathoner... 

  • Thanks for the advice Toby I'm going to adopt that attitude.

  • Hi everyone, I've spectated at a few Brighton marathons and it looked so fantastic that I've decided to have a bash at it myself. I've only done one marathon before in 2010 but I've done lots of halfs. Haven't ran for a couple of months now, so I'm starting from scratch really.

    So I've got my marathon entry and booked my hotel! looking forward to chatting with you all image

  • I'm in! Ran this one in 2012 and 2013, missed this year's due to an operation. I have to admit I felt a bit of dread watching the TV programme and seeing all those out and back bits again, but I love Brighton and can't be doing with messing around with London. I'll probably dip in and out of the thread for a while until training starts. Glad to see some old familiar names still about!


  • Hi just thought I'd let tillstar know how I got on in London yesterday,was aiming for a sub 4:30 and came in in 4:27 felt amazingly fresh after last week's brighton marathon!! 

    The sights round London were amazing going over tower bridge unforgettable, canary wharf high and shiny with glass buildings,big Ben and parliament formidable, the crowds were noisy...

    Parkinson's cheer points filled me with joy and strength and their after marathon reception second to none at the strand palace hotel, if anyone gets a chance to run for a charity I would recommend Parkinson's UK.....

    It was nice to run London for the experience,but if I'm totally honest,I don't think I'd do it again,only for the fact I spent 26.54 miles weaving in and out of people!! I got nudged in the ribs,my heels trodden on several times,nearly tripped more times than I care to mention,people stop to walk right in front of you,it never thinned out my 4:30 runners world pacer even commented it was extra packed,we couldn't get into a rhythm and mile 3 was 11:11 so we had to make up time from then and constantly running through and round people isn't pleasant, it sounds like I'm ungrateful but brighton really is special for the crowds,in brighton my name got called out by strangers and my Parkinson's charity soooo many times,it was almost constant,in London cos there is sooooo many runners I heard my name about 20 times,and lots when I passed the Parkinson's cheering points ...

    Next run is Bristol 10km,just signed up, like toby I'm gunning to beat my 53:11 time maybe 50 mins?? I'll have to chase the toby meister round the course!!! 

    I've booked the premier inn already for brighton next year I got 3 nights for £179 so I'd advise to book now the price is £75 just for the Saturday night ..

    Like poohbear I'm doing the 10km, but then will cheer on you marathon runners, I've never been on the other side of the barriers long run training this winter as you know I'm gonna be a grand ma so baby comes first ...but I love brighton and couldn't bear not to be a part of it ....

  • Well done on London Yvonne. It does sound like my idea of hell tbh....I have a GFA time for London but nothing about it appeals. My husband is like you and done both and he is also firmly in the Brighton camp.

  • 3 miles done tonight. Running a half first weekend of July, recovery run tonight with a friend. Slow and chatty but lots of fun!

  • Yvonne, that's an amazing report! Glad you enjoyed it and got the time you were after. 

  • Well done with London Yvonne - 2 marathons so close together is amazing! I think I'm going to give the London ballot a miss this year - Brighton is where it's at. I've booked the premier inn too, it's a good central location.
  • Well done Yvonne not sure I could even contemplate running two marathons a week apart. Glad to hear you prefer Brighton to London as after watching London on tv I was starting to think I really want to run that but pleased I've got my place in Brighton again now. Back to a few short runs this week and hopefully a slow 6 miler at the weekend
  • Did 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and will have to use it again as the gasman has to come back again today

    Yvonne a heartfelt congratulations on London will have a go for the ballot again this year as i'd just like to run it once to say i have

  • Thanks for the report of London Yvonne. May enter the ballot just to say I have done it but perhaps not this year, get this one done first. Awesome time for 2 in a week!

    I'm just walking back from my run this morning. Should have been 5 miles but wasn't feeling it so stopped after 4. OH isn't well and we aren't sleeping much at the moment and I think it's affecting my running. We are away at Easter so gonna just run to feel until we get back on the Monday rather than trying to follow a plan. I have too long to go yet to get strict with it and not make it fun.
  • Hi All,

    Me & my mum have just entered this weekend - were really looking forward to it. My last marathon was 4:59 and her's was 3:30 (20 years ago!) We want to enter London as well, fingers crossed!

  • Hello everyone, nothing like an early start

    I've entered. Will be my first marathon since Brighton 2011 when I had to walk most of the course. I'm going to train a lot more carefully this time with three months solid, low HR base training before I start pushing myself. In both marathons I've done so far I arrived at the start line injured so I feel as if I have unfinished business - ambition is to get round pain-free and under 4hr30.

  • worh1916 and Johnny2323 welcome to the thread keep usposted onhow the training's going

  • Sorry to be dI'm, which premier inn would you recommend?

  • I entered last night. Will be my first marathon so I'm a bit apprehensive but very excited at the prospect of doing it!

    I have started training already as I have 3 races this year (Richmond 10k, Run To The Beat 10k and GSR).

    Cannot wait to experience running in races!

    I tried to book Premier Inn but it's booked up already... Can anybody recommend any other decent central hotels?
  • Well I've just ran 5k and that felt hard work! Good that I have 361 days to prepare - I need it.

    MattDean there are 2 travelodges in Brighton, one at the start line in Preston park and one by the seafront they are usually reasonably priced.

  • I always go to city centre premier inn,I went on line and booked two days ago and when you look it says full but if you put arrival Sat,then options for adults kids etc it came up with Sat night for £75 although it did say the price for the Saturday had gone up (I wonder why) then Sunday and Monday were £100 between don't then have to pay until arrival unlike Travelodge you have to pay up front ... 

  • Hi, thought I'd join the thread, hope that's ok. Just signed up for 2015, I've only ever ran one marathon before which was Brighton back in 2011 and I was reading the 2011 thread on here most of the time in the build-up but never joined up, so I thought I'd get involved this time.

    I'd been hoping to run sub 4hrs last time but unfortunately got injured about a month into my training which messed things up for me and I was still in a fair bit of pain on the day, popping ibuprofens on the way round (I know this was a bad idea) and ended up with 4:46. I was still pretty pleased with this for a first attempt and had an amazing time so thought I'd sign up again and have a proper go at it this time.

  • I just managed to book a room at One Broad Street B&B for ??70 which is also pay on arrival. They have some double rooms left now but no singles.
  • hotel booked. blimey they've filled up quickly. I've booked a place for £130 which will have to do. now all we've got to do is get to the start line in good shape...

  • Did a 4 mile trot tonight. really hard, my darling son has helpfully broken my music machine so I didn't have anything to listen to.  I found it really off putting listening to my own gasping, and heavy foot fall.  I think I was able to talk myself out of keeping going easier so there was a bit more walking involved tonight. 

    Has anyone got any top tips on running without music? How do you distract yourself from your panting and plodding?

  • Good 5 mile run tonight. Knocked 15 seconds off my average pace from when I did it last week and finished strong. Could have continued but I'm sticking to building it up gradually as I figured less miles done regularly is better than lots of miles one week and then being too tired to do anything the next.
  • I think it's time I started running again, I didn't know how my body would react to two marathons in a week, but it seems to have taken them in its stride, no trouble climbing up or down stairs, or walking I may venture out with my boys (a border collie,and a German shepherd cross) for a little 3:5 mile plod around a big field twice in the morning!! 

    Tillstar, nice to see your enjoying your running again....

  • My running’s had to sidelined this week as were having trouble with the boiler and have had a gasman here nearly everyday now for the past week trying to fix it still maybe not a bad thing as it's forced me to rest up after Brighton

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