Brighton Marathon 2015



  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I ran 26.8 at Kent roadrunner one year (its a multi lap course and quite twisty).  V depressing to hot 26.2 and know i still had another 5 mins to run...  Keep a look out for those mile makers and how your GPS compares to them, otherwise it could mess things up.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    J Swizzle... if you think you can make up time 18-20... then why not?  If this tires you for mile 23 onwards, just remember that you respond well to the slightest encouragement... and there will be plenty in that last 5K image

  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    You'll be running further at Brighton as well - 1 mile increase due to roadworks.

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭
    Nose Nowt think 18 is the place where I have to stick or twist and I will decide that on how I feel plus if I get brave enough to pick it up with over 8 miles to go. I love a gamble but after 2 hours of running I might not have it in the bag.

    Guess I will find out in 11 days!!
  • john2443 wrote (see)

    You'll be running further at Brighton as well - 1 mile increase due to roadworks.

    checks calendar........


  • Anybody else, twitchy..... And ready for it now!???image
  • Bring it on!



    In 11 days time image

  • Taper is there for a reason. Treat it seriously and use it wisely.


  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Last double digit (in miles) run done today after a good but very windy MP session yesterday means i am on proper taper now!! all easy miles bar 2 MP miles next Wednesday.

    Looking forward to having some fresh legs again and weather watching!!

    Also signed up for Valencia Marathon and Abingdon Marathon for the Autum for giggles.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Just had a reminder that i like to carry a nuun tablet at longer distance races and some painkillers.  Never used them in training, never had to use them in a race yet but it's comforting to me to know they are there.  I haven't done anything longer than a half marathon for 2 years so i thought it was time to order some new nuun rather than dig out any old ones i have.

    So how many people have started obsessively checking the forecast?  I havent gone there yet.  After Easter...

  • PG3, I've been checking the weather forecast all week and needless to say, it's chanhed every day. Saying that, the wind all week has been varying between easterly/south easterly, so a head wind along the final stretch, and double figure degrees c up to about 15c. I'll take what it's currently predicting any day; 5c and a 7mph northerly wind!

    Out of work early today so might get my first evening run in the light, which has been a while.

    Trying not to over-indulge this weekend! Too early to carb load and I have a stag do to contend with!
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I want easter eggs, loads of them.  Must hold back for just another week or so...

  • Oops..... what with chocs for mothers day, birthday and easter.... I am carb drowning, but hey I do like to be prepared.

    Must say nerves are kicking in now..... installed the brighton marathon phone app and saw the counter....arghhh! 

    then i made the mistake of watching the official video and thought I was going to hyperventilate ....... must calm down....

  • Just had new stock of gels arrive in post..... looking at them in bulk - how does everyone carry them all? 

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭
    Will be carrying 3 for during race in the zip up pocket on back of my shorts. Will also have 2 15 mins pre race.

    Not a fan of this taper lark!! Seems like a waste of a weekend being in shape and only going for a couple of easy runs!! Plus two of my favourite races are on (Maidenhead 10m and Battersea 10k), can't risk it so close but really want to run properly.

    Agreed a leg massage tonight and next week with the wife in return for the same before her two spring marathons.

    Just watched the channel 4 2014 Brighton race and got me a bit too pumped up for next week.
  • I'm gonna carry a gel from the start (have about 12/13 miles) have support with them and bottles of lucozade/ water when req at mile 15, 17, 19, 24 plus the two gels they provide on course.

    Was on the treadmill last night averaged out at 13.5k ph on the treadmill followed by a spin... legs a bit tired today.  Easy 8-10 miles planned for tomorrow then will try a couple of short runs next week before heading down on Saturday.

    J Swizzle, watched that programme last week got me all pumped up too!!!

    Got my easter eggs out of the way already!  


  • Robert Ohara bottles??? Surely you mean cups.

    Went for 4 miles today and felt rubbish.

    12 on Sunday then a few short ones.

    Travelling to gatwick Friday night. Booked an extra night to get a good day down by the seaside on Saturday. So the kids can wear me out.

    J swizzle Maidenhead easter 10 is one of my favourites too. Didn't even remember it was on. Life's too busy!!!!!
  • Na got mum and other half dotted round the course with supplies Mark.


    3 more 10km's and i'm done and ready for next week. 

    Just to add my views on the "power station". It can become a big mental Issue if you let it. Yes there is very little crowd support out there but if you focus on the positives like, I'm feeling good, running strong, passing people that are walking etc its not a problem. Once you turn the corner your are in fact heading for home. I consider that a long home straight, but in my head I tell myself I'm almost there now. I ran some of my fastest splits on this stretch last year. PMA positive, mental, attitude. 

    Right Easter bunny wheres my chocolate?

  • Great pep.. Talk!! SAFER..image) this is my first!! I know I am ready.. Just need the mental strength and legs to get through it!!! Looking forward... To a great real ale... On the way back to the station....image
  • First timer dilemma - advice sought. This is my first marathon, so wasn't really sure how long it would take me. Have done two HM in training and have PB of 2:00:23, which MacMillan equates to a 4:13 marathon time (not totally convinced I am going maintain that pace, but hey...

    So pace makers are 4 and 4:30. 4 is too fast for me, so do I go with the 4:30 pace maker (for mental strength) and try and speed up at end if I can, or pace my own race and go for 4:15ish?



  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    This is a bit of a rant about marathon runners, having just answered 2 queries on the BM facebook page.

    If you've paid £60(??) and trained for months why the heck are you asking question the week before that are answered on the website? Read the flippin info you've been sent!

    When I enter anything I read the whole lot, check how I'm going to get there etc quite a while in advance. I think it was last year someone asked about trains or hotels the day beforeimage.

    I'm quite happy to answer questions that require local knowledge but I do wish people would look at the relevant websites before posting.

    ...which is why I love Let me google that for you image

    OK all, as you were, good luck next week image 

  • Emmyg2. I will be amazed if you speed up at the end. Very few do.

    Pace to what you've trained for. Don't go off to fast is my best advice. You'll feel

    Fresh and fast for the first few miles. As its your first you're gonna get a pb.

    There will be pain but finishing is the best feeling in the world so make that your no1 goal. Enjoy !!!
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Emma do you have a GPS watch? Has your training gone well? If so my advice would be to set out at 4h20 pace.

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭
    Emma do what you have practiced don't worry about a pacer if they don't fall at the right time for you. Running about 4:15 you are going to be in the meat of the race plenty of consistent runners knocking out consistent paced miles. Going off faster or slower than you would just to follow someone with a flag seems counter productive to me.

    We are in true tapper madness and my weather and pre race toilet obsession is not helping me a bit either.

    Weather looks great to me today, please replicate in 7 days time pretty please!!
  • J swizzle ditto the weather. Cloudy 16 degrees and a very light breeze. Perfect.

    Off out for a 12 today.

    What's peoples plans for the week.

    It's amazing how many different views people have on tapering.

    So many contradictions. Mainly regarding what intensity we should be running.

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