Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Nerves are starting to kick in now! 

  • Weather looks almost perfect. I've booked in to some Italian restaurant sat night light pasta meal. Not sure about fri night might go for traditional fish and chips!!!!
  • Lot of sense having fish and chips. If you take out the fact it's cooked in lard. Lots of carbs and protein plus nothing tastes better.

    Is it only me that's worried about the wind!!!!????
  • MarkS- wind!!! Only Walk in the park!!image
  • MarkD on the Met office app its saying the gusts only get up after 1pm hopefully by that time it'll be blowing me down the finish straight

  • jo image

    Hoping I'm ahead of you then!!!

    Wind guru says wind is picking up from 9!!

    Time to stop obsessing. Nothing I can do about it.

    Positive thinking. I'm gonna smash my PB!!!!
  • I'm worried about the wind however I personally can't influence it so its out of the back of my mind whatever will be will be.

    Trying to keep positive and keeping the negatives at bay.... Training is done too late to think what if.... diet went okay lost a stone could have been better but again can't be helped now!

    In Donatellos sat night 6pm.... then walk back to Hove along the seafront.  Early night then train from Hove to Preston Park, after the race meeting with friends in North Lanes... gotta be fish n chips sunday night

  • MarkD- I am sharing . Mixed dorm, bunkhouse!!! On Saturday night... Who knows what'wind.... Will blow that night!!!lol
  • image Especially with all that carb-loading Jo

    i think I'll get excited when I get my number tomorrowimage

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭
    Think the temp/wind combination is fair but not perfect, hope it will be calm when we run west and windy as we run east.

    Doing 1 more tiny run on Friday morning mainly to pick up pastries for my youngests birthday.

    Eating at home on Saturday night then going big at Sushimania post race!!

    Having to talk to my chimp to get him to calm down and stick to the race plan!! He has some crazy thoughts about the pace I should go through half way in.
  • Not long now until the big day! Just a quick question for people that have done the Brighton Marathon before.

    I am coming to Brighton on Saturday and plan to collect my race pack around 1pm ish then spend the afternoon shopping in Brighton.

    How long does it normally take to pick up the pack and all the information? I know this is probably peak time with so many people can I be in and out in under 30 minutes or more likely going to take hours?

    I will probably have a quick look around the exhibition and stalls but not that interested so wont stay if its too busy.

  • Doesn't take long. Less than 30 minutes.
  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    What's it like as a spectator? Is it bloody mad, like London is? 
    I'm wondering whether it's worth me dragging my kids round to watch the brother-in-law run.

  • Not as bad as london but some areas are crowded. They improved crossover points last year that make life a lot easier. My wife has watched every year and said last year was a lot easier. That was with a one and four year old.

    More the merrier.
  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    Ta - and hope it goes well.image

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    one last q. What are the best watch points?

  • I'm not sure about that. Apart from a few miles towards the powerstation and out towards the marina it's all very well supported. Est 150000 spectators.

    Along the main straight would be my bet.
  • Hi All

    Sorry I’ve not been on for ages and would like to say I’ve been reading the thread on a regular bases but I’ve just not had the hart to as my training been p** poor over the last month

    we’ve had to take my son back to Uni in Leicester so were staying the night here then driving down to Brighton tomorrow from here as I’ve said training hasn’t gone well as i was bad second and third weeks of March and then picked up a niggle groin injury which I’ve had to rest  plus I’m now getting sore heels if i run or walk for more than a couple of hours

    this means I’ve not been able to run for over 4 weeks so I’m just hoping that all the high mileage i did throughout last year and the first 2 months of this year will see me through we’re just going to take it really slow and run the first mile then walk the next 2 tenths and the run to the next mile and see how we get on will be happy with 6 to 6.5 hours but if we take longer so be it

  • Got to admire a man who keeps going long after most people would have just not bothered. Well done Alan. 

  • Is this anything to worry about?

    Due to adverse atmospheric conditions over the next 24 hours, Grounded Events, the organisers of the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 12 April, have issued the following advice.

    Rob Galloway, Medical Director and Tom Scanlon, Head of Public Health in Brighton, are urging runners to proceed with caution as they prepare for Sunday’s event.  


    “We advise those training for the marathon to be particularly alert to the possible effects of current high levels of air pollution, and to refrain from training outdoors if they experience a cough, sore throat or sore eyes.

    “Anyone who is training for the marathon and who already has a respiratory condition, such as asthma, should refrain from training outdoors on Friday when levels are predicted to be highestPredictions are that the air quality will improve greatly by the weekend.” 



    states should be okay by Saturday.... fingers crossed.....

    may go on the treadmill instead tomorrow 

  • Training done! Travel down to Crawley tonight ready for the expo tomorrow, What is the expo like as the list of exhibitors isn't that long?

  • Toby3... Jesus!! What a rollercoaster... For you..!!! Stay, strong and enjoy it!!image
  • hi Team - I'm staying in a hotel right by the pier on Saturday night. Should I walk to the start in Preston Park (google says its a 35min walk) or is it too far to walk just before a marathon! (if so, is there a good bus / train to get?)


  • I am also staying near the pier and plan to walk up slowly with a friend, the roads will be closed, so think that is only option really. An earlier thread did meantion cabs, but they have been known to not turn up.

  • Toby3 - sorry to hear about your training & ilness.  Let's hope you still enjoy the experience.

    Rick Voutt - there are a few exhibitors - charities, energy gels/bar companies, etc.  I saw a stall selling the flip belt but I needed to be back at work so didn't hand around.

  • I'd Walk. It's not too far. Perfect warm up.

    Done it a couple of years back and it's nice meeting up with all the other runners.

    I wouldn't rely on taxis.
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