Brighton Marathon 2015



  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Loving the free pair of compression calf guards at the expo!! switched a pair of really cheap and old calf guards worth the additional trip just for that.

    Little reccy of the points on course my wife will hand me drink (in bottles) and checked out where the markers are for the last mile or so then had a picnic on the beach.

    rest up carb up time!!

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Anyone know the best places to park for the expo?  I will be there tomorrow afternoon (along with everyone else!)


  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    The only reasonable way from the pier to start is to walk, I can't imagine it taking 35 mins (well, not before you've run 26.2, it might afterwards!!), it's only a mile and a bit. My explanation about cabs is on this page 

    Parking. The traffic around the expo was AWFUL on Friday afternoon due to shopping, expo, people going to the beach, school hols, sunshine and it's Brighton, (traffic's never good) 

    There are multi storeys behind the expo, I was caught in the queue for them on Friday and took 20 mins to get 200m, the traffic lights were changing and I didn't move.

    I think I'd either go

    - west of the expo at whatever point there's a space and the queue gets unbearable, on street pay n display or Regency Square underground. Don't go there by coming down the A23 to the pier and turning right, get over that side when a bit inland, then head for the seafront

    - or if you're coming from the east maybe try your luck parking east of the pier although that's a challenge at the best of times.

    It'll probably be worse in the afternoon than the morning.

    Coming in be sea would be the quickest way, I might hire a boat next year and do a park and ride the waves image

  • Or by train from Gatwick????

    John why weren't you asleep at 3am!!!!
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    I was asleep at 11, woke up buzzing, did some stuff, back to sleep, just getting ready now to drive a truck into the park with mini mile gear image

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
  • I'm out. Ankle pain has come back, was hoping it was a sprain, but probably a bit of ligament damage. Submitted deferral yesterday. Just need to decide by June whether I can do all the effort of training again for next year.

    Good luck to all for tomorrow hope you all get round safely with lots of targets / PBs smashed, it looks like great weather, not too hot and the wind doesn't look too strong.

    Will keep following to see how you all get on.

  • Sorry to hear that manatbar....How long do you thing you're out for? What about an Autumn run?

    Stayed off my feet as much as possible this week legs feeling heavy but think its my minds playing tricks... I know I've done the training so fingers crossed it happens on the night/ day!

    On my way shortly good luck everyone!!!

  • Hi all

    Well have entered for next year but will see in December whether I’m up for it my daughters also re-entered but not the Poohbear although she’s umming and arring about it so watch this space

    Went to the Exbo yesterday and collected our numbers i to also got a free pair of compression calf guards back down later to the Exbo to meet our friend

    will have to get up the doctors about my feet after Brighton if a wish to stand any chance at all of training for next year

    Hope everyone has a safe journey if you’re travelling up to day

    And have a good race everyone

    Mantabar sorry you’ve had to drop out although i may be wishing I’d done the same by 2pm tomorrow afternoon

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Hard lines Manatbar, speedy recovery and sure you will be back running well very soon.

    Toby loving the new free compressions, wore them all day yesterday.

  • well Poohbear curmbled and singed up for next years maratthon

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Good luck everyone!! enjoy the day.

  • See you in the morning

  • Good luck everyone. Will see some of you at the elite start
  • Good luck everyone. It's been emotional image

    Hopefully wil be passing a few elite starters if all goes to plan!!!

    Trust in you're training and most of all enjoy. Especially all you first timers.

    Let's hope we all get the results we deserve!!!!
  • What a day! Really enjoyed it. Brilliant conditions (for spectating at least!). Found it rather warm at times, and I got some impressive sunburn on my face!

    Made it round in 3h 27m 11s. Not a PB, but really pleased with that time - wasn't in PB form and as I crossed the line I definitely felt I couldn't have gone any faster at all.

    Those final 6 miles never get any easier do they?! But running by the coast was great, and the crowds were awesome.

    My legs are not my friends at the moment though! Shattered! But basking in that post marathon glow!

    Hope everyone had a good run image

  • What an amazing day - my fifth Brighton marathon and my favourite yet image

    I only decided to run on Friday as I'd run a 50 mile ultra last weekend and wasn't focusing on a road marathon this year, but my legs felt ok so I figured I may as well use my place and just see how it went....

    And came away with a 5 minute PB in 3:38:34 image

    Cant believe it, I really thought I'd be crying in the gutter and in all sorts of pain by about mile 16! 

    Hope everyone else has had a fantastic day of running image


  • well we got around took us 6:19:00 so we were in the time zone i was expecting have to say though we were both pretty much dead by the end oh well valuable lesson learned if your that under trained don’t run  or have a new body ready and waiting at the finish

  • just checking in wig time but be having a read up tomorrow!

    4hours and 2 bastard seconds....... 


    Well ill done people time to refuel again I may be worse for wear but what a fantastic day

  • What a day.. 6hours plus on your feet Toby is a helluva achievement of endurance even if it didn't go to plan this time. I managed a 3hrs 54 for my first marathon so well chuffed! as you guys have all been sayin throughout this thread its a great run with fantastic support - although could have done without the smell of fish at the trick powers station bit!! Hope everyone had a great day!
  • I've completed my first ever marathon!! image what a gorgeous day, I was worried I'd overheat (I'm a cold weather runner!) but the breeze kept me cool, yet I've still got some slight sunburn on my face and shoulders! I wanted to run 4:45 and was comfortably within that up to mile 22/23 and I couldn't keep the pace anymore - hips & glutes felt horrific and came in 4:50 (according to my watch) so a PB nevertheless.

    Has anyone else has issues with their number registering a chip time & their splits?? My results only provide a gun time which is 5:01 so frustrating. Have emailed them to ask if they can look into it

    Well done everyone, I'm definitely on a marathon high! Xx
  • Well didn't pb but happy with my effort. Was right at the back of the red pen. Far too many people per pen. Lost over 2 minutes in the first three miles so not gonna beat myself up. Missed my pb by 30 seconds.

    Hope everyone's race was as enjoyable as mineimage
  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Good day good race. Like many was on pace until last few miles. Felt the wind smashed me today and really sapped my energy. Found myself running long periods of race alone so was nice to see people on the double backs.

    Got my sub 3 and got over the line in 2:56 so happy days!!

    Best part of the race was at mile 23 when a message my son's and wife recorded for me at the expo played  so loud it almost knocked me off my feet.

    Good to meet Lombster at the start to.

  • Brilliant j swizzle. Upset my little girls weren't shown on big screen. Almost stopped to wait and see if it was displayed !!!!
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Was running well to my legs went empty at 14 miles. Walked and eat a energy bar. I was very de-hydrated yesterday. The wind from mile 18 to the power station was a killer. My 2nd slowest Brighton marathon 5:33
  • Overjoyed 4.34. First marathon, 2 days before my 50th birthday after starting running last June. Pacing went perfect & only 40 seconds different between first & second halfs. Planned to run as close to 10.20 for as long as possible & then hang on in there - managed it the whole way. Would have been under 4.30 if I hadn't had a loo stop. The supporters were brilliant, but would have preferred less sun or more shade.

    Trained alone following Hal Higdon plan, but have used this site for all my questions,  queries and inspiration. Old & current forum threads have been invaluable. Thank you forum people.

    Loved the training so much I have signed up for Abingdon & am planning on joining my local running club. 

    Legs are trashed today, but just  so proud to be a marathon runner that I keep smiling!

  • Well done all.

    The heat got me. I was struggling at half-way.  Disappointed as I'd done approx 10 training runs of 13miles+.and some comfortable half-marathons.  Oh well, I have the medal and have compelted the Brighton Marathon, time was 5:34.

  • Was running behnd the red wig of Lomster from 10 miles to about 22, where we both started to suffer a bit but finished in decent times. Nice chatting to you at the end in "the war zone" Stevie Lombster

  • Strangely. as I walked doen the beach at the end, I looked up at the big screen and saw Wenterrapin comingg in at about 3.20

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