Brighton Marathon 2015



  • I have mixed feelings for the event...I found the actual event ok...the spectators and in particular volunteers were awesome but was disappointed with some of the organisation and in particular the need to go down to Brighton (160 miles round trip) on Friday to collect my number.

    As the event is growing I think the organisers need to think a few small points, like the pickup of numbers. For example Edinburgh post out and the Expo isn't something worth a visit to Brighton alone IMO. And then miles 20-22 in that Industrial Estate...I'd describe it as cruel...soulless is another word I'd use, perhaps a re-org of the course to either remove that Industrial Estate or move it to the beginning when the mind is a little stronger may be a better shout.

    If the marathon wants to continue to popularity I think this would help with asking for repeat runners.

    I ran a 4:19 (according to my watch 26.2) and 4:20 according tot he website (26.5miles according to the watch) which was a the day wasn't a complete loss got a great sun tanimage

    Rest now London in two weeks...mental I know

  • Although it wasn't the finish I wanted I came in at 4:31:19, cramp got me at 20 miles and the last 6.2 were spent stopping, stretching and hobbling along! I was on for around a four hour finish at the half way point so quite frustrating and then once I had crossed the finish line my legs seized completely and had to be helped back to my feet! It seemed a long walk from collecting medal and baggage and in to the finishers area, once there I had another attack of cramp but this time it was horrendous as I got it in my face and jaw as well as quads and calfs, thankfully a passer by helped me until st johns came and carted me off to medical centre for tests etc as apparently I wasn't very responsive.

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    My race report - overall I thought it was a great race and i would do it again 


    I drove down to Brighton on sat (at Brighton you have to register at the expo on sat or sunday), traffic was awful and it took forever to find somewhere to park but i made it to the expo with an hour to spare and got my number.  I stayed in Hove at my friend's mums house and she was a legend.  She totally took care of me so well, i was so relaxed come race morning.  I was quite tempted just to stay there all weekend.  Race morning - caught the train to Preston park where the race starts.  All very easy and well organised.  No queuing for the bag drop. I got in the start pen and was over the line about 2 mins after the gun went which was great.  I planned for 9 min miles to get me in just under 4 hours.  All went to plan until about 6 miles where i started to feel rubbish.  This wasnt in my plan!  Actually I only had one plan , which was to sail at 9 mm pace until about 18 when i would start to feel a bit pants but i would be able to push on.  Hmmm, maybe not.  So I felt pretty pants between 6 and about 13 and i allowed negative thoughts to dominate.  If my car and keys had been there and my friends werent waiting at mile 16, i would have gone home.  I didnt think i was going to finish.  I dragged myself on to mile 16, saw my support crew and then started to feel much better.  Saw them again at 20 and felt good by then.  I started to slow up about mile 21 but i calculated that if i could just keep running at 10mm pace, i could do about 4.08/7 (maths is so hard after 3 hours of running).  Saw the support crew again at 23 and i knew i just  had to keep running.  Walking was so tempting but i know that once I cave in to walking, i wouldnt run properly again.  I managed to try a little harder in the last 1/2 mile and came over the line in just over 4h6 which is a huge 23 min pb.  Not the sub 4 i wanted but i was so chuffed and so glad i carried on.  A lesson in not giving  up at the first sign of trouble.  Sub 4 will be mine at some point though.


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    Robert O'Hara - damn those 2 seconds.  I must admit, there was a sigh of relief when i realised that i wasn't close enough to 4 hours to have to try really hard on the home straight.  A friend of once put in something stupid like a 7m30 mile on the last mile of London marathon to come home in 3h59.  He had been stung with just over 4 hours a few times.

  • My race report here 

    I was undecided about running Brighton next year but this was my favourite Brighton marathon to date, so definitely a case of same time, same place next year!

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    well done Sarah - great report and race.

  • Well done everyone, some great results for all different reasons. I had an ok run the weather and bad cramp caught me out. Got back in 3:43 which is my 3rd fastest marathon so should be pleased. This will be my last BM as there are quite a few more I want to try. I'm doing Dublin in October and then going to sign up this week for Paris next April.

    I'm going to keep reading all the great posts over the next few days. Once again well done everyone
  • I had a great run although had to push hard from 16 miles onwards and, as Philomena pointed out above, I was starting to suffer once into the 20s. I managed to get ahead of the 3 hour pacers just before half way (they had a crowd of about 50 in tow at the time) but they overtook me around the 21 mile mark, which didn't help mentally, although they had dropped all but 5 of the followers by then. Finished in 3:02:48 so a new PB and hopefully London GFA if they don't change the times again. I did consider losing the wig towards the end of the race but I think it helped with the support and kept the sun off my face.

    JSwizzle - great to meet you at the start and a couple of time en route. Great run too.

    Well done all.
  • The paper cup water staions were a bit crap early on and much better later on. When the runners were tightly packed they only stood on the left sides and made it tricky to get a drink. Also you need to be told there is a water station coming up. At one station with bottles of Gatorade it came so suddenly half our group missed it but thanks to some goodd teamwork we shared thee bottle around and all got a good swig.

    Later on they were on both sides and I remebered you have to squeeze the cup to make a funnel. Probably had more fluid down my shirt than in my gob. 

    Good day out though.

  • I thought the cups were better than those bags of water we had in the past. Also the frequency was a godsend on a warmish day.

    Apart from the crowding the first few miles (which I guess was mostly my fault for not getting there earlier) and the fact that my video didn't come up at mile 23 which I was really looking to, I only have good memories of a brilliant day.
  • I really enjoyed yesterday and proudly finished my first (and last) marathon in 4:34, very pleased with that time, given it was warmer than I expected and windy in places. I thought the crowd were amazing and really helped me keep going. Although i felt like I was fading part way on the return along the residential road stretch, I managed to keep a pretty steady pace throughout, apart from one stop to look after someone who collapsed in front of me util medics arrived.

    Feeling tired and proud today and just a little bit sore.

    Thank you to everyone here who has offered advice over the last few months, and well done to you all!

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    I thought the number of water/drinks stations were great, the cups were fine but having a warning sign to let you know that a drinks station was approaching would have been very useful.

  • I agree with Simon Price 10, that industrial estate area between 20-22 was the trickiest part for me, it felt like it went on forever. At that time, I felt like I really needed support as I was struggling. However coming back into the crowds and the finish was amazing!!

    Overall, the support from the crowds was brilliant and the volunteers did an amazing job, especially those at the water stations who were kept very busy. A great event though and I'm so glad I did it!

    It was my first marathon and will be my last! image

  • You say that now but give it a couplke of days...


    As people have said before. 20 miles plus is just a bad place to be in full stop. Far enough to be exhausting but not so close that you can feel close to home. You get to 23 and there ain't no way you aren't going to finish. And then the crowds kick in and the waves are crashing...lovely.(but bloody painful)

    Loved the comment about 4 hours and 2 bastard seconds. A young totty was saying in the pub last night about 4 hours and 2 bastard MINUTES but that is nothing compared to 2 bastard seconds!!

  • In all a fantastic day!!! apart from finishing in 4hrs 2 seconds a lot of positives came out of it..... Was my 5th marathon but 1st I had ran from start to finish apart from to stop to stretch out cramps in miles 23-26, defo my best paced race too felt good all the way till 21 when I was on course for a 3.57.

    it felt the 1st 9 miles was a climb but the views coming back to Brighton were amazing and saw the bikes and minis. had support at miles 14, back at 17 and 18 which helped keep me focused and hydrated.  

    Miles 20-23 for me wasn't too bad just kept my mind thinking what was to follow couldn't wait to see my message at mile 23...... Another one who didn't see it. 

    the noise was brill from 24-26 I just kept on going where I could and stopped for minimal time..... Last half a mile I didn't think I had a sprint without cramping but gave it my best shot.

    A 12 min pb had (from London 2011) injury free finish and a sun tan I've had worse days.

  • A good day all round, I though the support ad marshalls were amazing.  Agree with the paper cups problem, I ended up choking myself, snorting it or tipping all down my front.

    I hated the industrial estate mainly because it seemed to go on and on and I am not a lover of fishy harbour smells at the best of times.

    My message at mile 23 didn't come up.  I was desperate for it at that point and even stopped and asked the man but he said it had been cut because there was a loud speaker announcement in the back ground - GUTTED so wanted to see my children at this point.

    I was pleased with my time getting a 16 minute PB and a sub 5 hours (not as good as most of you - well done on some amazing times and performances)

    Would I do it again - probably but prefer to do different races and with the entry fee the weekend cost me as much as a cheap holiday to Spain for 5 of us. 

  • Also the bloke who was speaking at mile 23 wasn't helping "for those of you heading out the next bit is known as the road to hell due to the lack of crowds and atmosphere" I hope he didn't use that line too often 

  • Obviously not one for motivational speaking

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭
    Surprisingly legs feel fine today hope the behave over next few days!!

    Sounds like most people had a great day, on the cups I struggled to drink much and got lots all over me. Was very lucky to have wife hand me half full lucazade bottles at 14 and 18.5 miles which really helped.

    Didn't mind the lack of support on the industrial part of race but hated the flipping road humps!! Were really not what I needed at that point!!

    Lombster thought you were on for sub 3 when I saw you at about 21, sure you will do it next time. Really good run!!

    My glory has been short lived as attention in my house has firmly turned to Manchester on Sunday for the wife.

    Now to decide on Spring 2016 marathon???
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    I heard that guy - I just thought "you cheeky f*cker" & carried on.

    I didn't trip up over those speed bumps - it was a large stone that nearly took me out but I wasn`t paying much attention to the ground when that happened.


  • It seems like a lot of the messages at mile 23 didn't appear mine included which is a shame for everyone that didn't get to see theirs.

  • Well done all. Fantastic weekend and still have a red face to prove it. The crowds were amazing throughout and the volunteers were so supportive. 

    I can underststand and why some find the expo annoying but as I had travelled down a fair way I was around anyway and it helped to build the excitement for the day. last year in dublin I had to queue about 1hr30 for my number but it was only about 10mins here so no complaints.

    Training didn't go so well for me but I thought I would give sub 4 a shot. I started to slow around the industrial estate but when the pacer past me and gave me a gee up i got a second wind and hung on his shoulder until past 24 mile marker. Started to slow again but had enough time in the bank only to cramp up on the very last mile. After a stretch got going again but lost the minute needed and finished in 4.01. Still chuffed though.

    hated the cups so carried a bottle til about 18. I chucked my first water in my face before working out how to squeeze and pour. Only other whinge was the crap t-shirt given £70 entry, but only a minor footnote to a great day.

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    was it really £70?  I am sure I would have remembered paying that much...

  • I didn't do it for a t-shirt. I usuall wear them for the first time at the start of next year's  race and then chuck it away as I start. £42.50 for me

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    I did 3:46 in the end which is as quick as I could have hoped given the training.  Really enjoyed it though.  Got well p1ssed afterwards and was a jibbering emotional wreck yesterday.  Stating to feel human now.  Will enter 2016 at midday today.  Well done all.

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    I ran into a lamppost at 19 miles.  Far play to anyone who can beat that.i wasnt in a crowd or getting pushed and shoved or anything, just ran into it right smashed my funny bone up, just what you need Aye.

  • Mr K wrote (see)

    I heard that guy - I just thought "you cheeky f*cker" & carried on.

    I didn't trip up over those speed bumps - it was a large stone that nearly took me out but I wasn`t paying much attention to the ground when that happened.


    Good to see you yesterday Mr K - good luck at Comrades. The practice in the sun at Brighton will hopefully help!


  • Signed up for Abingdon. Will sign up for Brighton today. Will at least get a gfa place at vlm as I will be 50 at Abingdon and they've moved the goal posts to 3.20.

    slightly unrelated but I noticed they disqualified about 15 runners at Abingdon 2014 for wearing headphones and a few more for transferring numbers. First time I've ever seen that.

    Who can't do stairs yet???
  • I thought the race was amazing. My first marathon done in 3hrs 18min (thanks to P&D 18 week schedule!). Some cramp today (mixed with hangover) but totally worth it

    Would recommend running for Guide Dogs as i did, as got a free 30min massage in the Albion hotel straight after the race, along with a goodie bag and free buffet - much needed!

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