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  • here's an email from the Brighton team i got the first year sorry to those who have already read this before

    The entries we are going to sell, have been handed back to us by Brighton Marathon entrants who have opted to take up their Virgin London Marathon ballot entry, as well as some people who’ve simply had to pull out because of a christening, wedding, injury, illness, holiday, cold name it, we’ve heard it. But while their loss could be your gain, there are not that many places, so please get ready to make a diary note......


  • Toby - thats only the ones handed back - most just dont turn up on the day.

    I bet London accounts for a lot of them (then injury, but thats the case in all marathons)

  • I think London and Brighton are 2 weeks apart next year though, so maybe more people will actually try both rather than only doing London. I've got my place at Brighton and I'm in the London ballot too so we'll see!

  • So, it's really really good is it?  I'm guaranteed to enjoy it?  You all promise??

  • well i can't guarantee your enjoy it but it is a really good marathon

  • Just come back from a short break in Marbella, no running unfortunately as all the walking uphill has given me shin splints. Managed to enter the London marathon, fingers crossed I will be successful. Next race is Nike's we own the night on the 10th may- looking forward to it
  • dctdct ✭✭✭

    Signed up for Brighton 2015. Will be my first marathon. Got Berlin 25k next week. Anyone run that before? 


    Munus: no guarantee but I'd be surprised if you didn't. 

  • Thanks everyone, I've taken the plunge!

  • Mungus - Its a Marathon! Its not meant to be enjoyed. Its meant to be endured! But as endurance goes its a good un!

    DCT I did Berlin marathon and it was fantastic (not as good as Brighton obviously image ) Not done the 25k though - bit too far for anything less than a marathon for me.


    DCT: I've done Berlin marathon too not the 25km. But if the marathon organisation is anything to go by it should be great!


  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    Have entered this.  Have done 3 marathons before, all around the 4:50 mark.  I didnt have the ambition then, was happy to plod along at ten minute miles, going for 3:30 this time.  Did a half in 1:52 a few weeks back and am gonna spend the summer getting my 5 and 10k times down.  Did 21:50 this morning for 5k, want to get that down to 20:00.  Then 10k down to 40mins or as close as possible.  Then autumn getting half mara down to 1:35 perhaps.  Then I will do a 16 week 3:30 marathon plan starting christmas.  The key to it all is keeping off the drink, which I hope to do for most, if not all, of the next 12 months.  Have been off it for 13 of the last 15 weeks.

  • Morning all

    no running for me over the weekend must get out today though still desperately trying to get my speed back up before the Bristol 10k

  • Best of luck Basher - thats pretty ambitious but attainable! go for it - but dont get injured.

  • Hi all, new to the forum but I'm all signed up for the 2015 race. it'll be my 6th at Brighton and after a 3:14:22 this year I'm looking for sub 3:05 next year. I have got a place at the elite start, has anyone started at both? Trying to suss out how much of an advantage it is, obviously you miss out the hill up Preston Park avenue.

  • you will also miss out on the traffic jam as you go up the first hill around the park

  • Bajan, how do you know you have a place at the elite start - I did a bit quicker than 3:14 last year at Brighton and they would not give me an elite start and I think I only found out a month or so before.London accepted me as a GFA - but brighton would not let me start at the elite start.

    There would be no traffic jam as you would start at the front at Preston park

  • Have entered the Brighton marathon 2015 as my very first marathon image,  really looking forward to it and have loved reading all the positive comments on this thread.Hoping for a good time and by the sound  I will certainly have that even if the numbers on the clock aren't aIl that great!! Glad to read about the support along the way too, I'm running for Parkinsons UK  and its great to hear they give such good support to the runners. Let the training get serious!!

  • Whoops, fair play, just checked back and i've applied for an elite start. Clearly I wasn't reading what I was doing, thanks for the head up! Doesn't sound too hopeful then!

  •  6 miles for me yesterday and on yesterdays performance a sub 45 min is not looking good did in just over 53mins though having said that on reflection it's not bad i suppose as there were 3 very steep hills in the course i ran yesterday will probably do 3 today the a gym session on Wednesday

    Kirsty welcome to the thread keep us posted on how the trainings going

  • Kirsty,I ran brighton and London this year for Parkinson's UK,and I can't praise them highly enough, I'd run for them again that's for sure ....

    Hope you enjoy the whole marathon process from training to the day's a blast brighton is awesome, and the sun always shines!!! 

  • I've also just entered Brighton for 2015. It will be my second marathon, but I haven't actually run my first yet because that is Edinburgh in just over 3 weeks time! Training has been OK, until my 18 mile run on Sunday which was really tough.... Hopefully another 8+ miles will be do-able on the day image

  • MacFinbob welcome to the thread hope Edinburgh goes well

  • nice 3.79 mile run last night with a backpack on (in preparation for running home thanks to the tube strike!). got a case of runners knee though- apart from RICE, anybody know of any good exercises for quick recovery time?

  • Still no running for me.  Still trying to shake this cold.  We are hoping to get a session in tonight so hopefully that will happen.  Not expecting it to go that well as still chesty and haven't run in over a week so just going to plod and hope for the best.  Not too bothered as we are away next week.  The serious training starts when we get back.

  • Giving brighton some serious consideration for 2015, I'm in the ballot for London but don't hold out too much hope in getting in as this will be my fifth attempt and I've had no luck so far. 

    Entry fee for brighton is £62.50 which is very expensive, would anyone that's did it say it's worth this cost? I'll be travelling down from Scotland so will have many other expenses so want to make sure it's money well spent?

  • Hi all, i am all signed up and am looking forward to my fifth marathon. image

    Looking for some early advice on accommodation for the Saturday night, anybody able to recommend a place and more importantly highlight ones to avoid!

    Thanks in advance

  • Bigeater, I've never run Brighton before, but it's a great place to visit! You are already considering travelling south for London, so the expenses won't be any different, and likely staying in Brighton might be cheaper. 

    Toby3 - thank you for the welcome and the good wishes!

  • Well I did my 5 miles, average pace 10.13 so not too bad expected a drop in speed as still unwell and haven't done anything for 10 days last 2 miles were much slower though. Not too bothered about the loss of fitness it will come back soon enough.
  • Thanks macfinbob, sounds a very scottish user name! 

    Very true, expenses would be similar and never been to brighton before. Also family can come with me as its during Easter holidays whereas London is end of month so would be more difficult. 

    What's the course like, is it relatively flat?

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