Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Big eater - its pretty much the same price as all the other big marathons I have done and as you say the entry to the marathon is small compared to other costs and even smaller compared to the effort you put in !

    I my opinion its the best marathon I have done, but London is the best value for money (its a bargain untill i add the costs of travel and 5* hotel image)

    Yep - its a PB course for sure, pretty flat all the way round and ideal no of people and not too crowded like London

  • Mcfinbob - you will be fine. if you have done 18 then you can do 26 as the last 8 are in your head.

  • Bigeater - the name is definitely Scottish - a concatenation of my 2 dogs' names - Mac & Finlay (also known as Finbob)! image

    Thanks Wenty - hope my legs cooperate with my head for the last 8!


  • Hi all, having read this thread you've convinced me to do Brighton next year, third marathon for me, both the first two have been London. Have to say I've enjoyed the last couple of weeks of not scheduling runs and noting down pace, HR, distance etc etc but keen to have a long term goal and this sounds like it! Have applied for VLM too but that's a lottery as we all know. 

    Good luck to all those first timers and as everyone says, take it steady the benefits are long term and will arrive!


  • I'm in.  If anyone has any top tips for hotels in the vicinity of the event that would be great! 

    Looking forward to it already but might just enjoy another glass of wine while I can.....


  •  Morning all

    a warm welcome to all the new people to the thread as you may have read next year will be my 6 Brighton marathon and have enjoy all 5 so far the way the race is organized has changed over the years following the way London been done with the elite start and stands by the finish

    Despite my initial doubts about this i have to say the organization has got better as the years have gone on and the changes have enhanced the experience

    The crowed support over the years has been fantastic and they have changed the course twice over the 5 years to try and make it flatter and faster defiantly a PB course as i know from my own experience going from 4:14:56 the first year to a 3:37:09 in 2013

    the only thing i say against it and it's only a small thing is they charged from bottled water to pouches the up side to the pouches is they crush under foot so little chance of slipping on them the down side is they don’t always work and you have check you get one that lets you drink from it before you left the drink station

    So to all those running Brighton for the first time your in for a treat

  • Also if you squeeze the pouches to hard ,the water goes right to the back of your throat,almost choking you,but leaves me coughing and spluttering, also as they crush underfoot,the one lasting memory for me from this year's race was a runner treading on one and subsequently,it sprayed water all over a spectator!! She squealed I can tell you, I didn't laugh, promise, well not much ...

  • Thanks everyone, not going to wait on London as will most probably not get a ballot place for the fifth time so brighton it is!! And should I get a London place I'll defer until 2016. I did London in 2013 via a running club place so I have experienced it and loved it but I'm sure brighton will be just as good and some people actually say better!

    Currently running 25-30 miles per week with my long run around 12-13 miles so I have a good base to kick in some real training after the summer holidayimage


    As mentioned before, Brighton 2015 will be my 3rd Brighton in a row. It beats London any day. I've done London twice and I don't even bother with the ballot any more. 

  • I have to say its a close run thing but I think brighton and London are on par with each other. I  think Brighton just pips it with London a close second, then Berlin, Barcelona, Rome and Amsterdam

  • Johnny2323Johnny2323 ✭✭✭

    Has anyone used the park and ride for this? Does it all work OK? Wherabouts is it? 

    Was gonna stay in a hotel but can't see anything reasonable.

  • Apologies if this has already been asked earlier.

    Am considering doing the Brighton Marathon 2015. Could anybody please advise when the places run out, on average. I understand it is fairly early....

    Many thanks.

  • NineDeuce, I think it was around june last year from memory and price increases the longer you leave it.


    I think it was around June as well. dont think they do substitutions either which seems a pity given the no show rates. They should charge an admin fee for people to sub places. That way those that don't want to run could sub with those that do. 

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    7.5 x 9 min miles thursday.  Hope to do 10x 8 min miles tomorrow.

  • Johnny2323, I used Moulescoomb park and ride this year. It all worked ok, but had a long queue to get in (7.20am), and when we finally got to the entrance was told that we should have gone to a different car park (despite the confirmation email saying to go to either!) Anyway... All worked out in the end, the buses were very regular and take you right to the park. I've booked a hotel this time though as I was coming from Eastbourne this year and had to leave at 6:30am which has put me off in again.

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    10 miles in 81:30.  Felt really good, reckon under race conditions could do a 1:45 half marathon now.  

  • Afternoon all

    well training my daughter (Snowmaiden) for next year’s Brighton marathon kicked off yesterday she used a run walk method last year so the first thing we have to do is get her used to running continually for more than a mile so we've started with 2 miles this week then were up it to 3 next week then 4 and so on

  • Thought I would check in with a little training update.  This week I'm running 5 mins/walking 3 mins.  I'm actually finding it easier than the 3/3 from last week, mainly because I'm not glued to my watch like I was last week.

    I'm still massively unfit but each week I surprise myself by doing the next step up of my plan.  I know it doesn't sound much but each week is a big achievement for me.

    Toby I think it's very cool that you're training your daughter, will you run together on the day?

  • Basher - could be faster under race conditions I think. I run 10 miles in around 78-79 mins in training and my half time this year was 1:26
  • Will be interested to hear the progress Toby. Plenty of work needed but you see good gains when you start - I could only run a mile or 2 when I started 3 years ago.

    Good effort sleepy - keep it up and you will see good gains
  • Sleepyj- well done, just keep it going sensibly and in a couple of months the difference to your fitness will be massive. The hardest part is getting the trainers on and getting out there and your well past that. Good luck and I look forward to hearing your progress. 

  • yvonne 2 wrote (see)

    Kirsty,I ran brighton and London this year for Parkinson's UK,and I can't praise them highly enough, I'd run for them again that's for sure ....

    Hope you enjoy the whole marathon process from training to the day's a blast brighton is awesome, and the sun always shines!!! 

    That's great to hear, I'm really looking forward to it and have started to train a bit more seriously now. I just need to book a hotel for myself and my family of supporters image xx


  • SleepJ at the moment the plan is for her to run on her own as i would like to have ago at my own goal next year of running a sub 3:30:00 but will depend whether she feel confident enough to run on her own so will have to wait until the race gets closer i did run with her this year

    Keep up the good work it sounds like your getting on great guns and the training coming along Ok

    Wenty there alone way to go but she seem pretty determined at the moment

  • It's really motivating to read all your posts, I have the bupa 10k on 25th May so hoping for a pb on last years time. Think I may have been a bit too ambitious when I tried to workout my estimated marathon time for brighton 2015 but hey ho aim high n all that. X

  • Kirsty - best of luck with bupa 10k. I did it last year and loved it but its a bit steep on the entry fee so gave it a miss this year. Def a PB course if you can keep away from the crowds. 

  • Morning all

    just 2 runs this week did 4 miles on M0nday and 10 on Tuesday will try and fit a gym session in today

  • Just starting to get back into the swing of things this week after the best part of a month of no training because of a nasty chest infection. Back down the boxing gym Tuesday and tonight to start getting my fitness back up and I'll probably do a 4/5 miler tomorrow night when I get back from work, shouldn't take long to come back hopefully.

  • I just cant be arsed with running at the moment! Does anyone else have that feeling.....

    It has been a hectic running winter though.

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