Hunger/Thirst after exercise

Does anyone else find that they a have a sport/activity that makes them really hungry? For me its:

Running & Cycling
I find I'm thirsty after a run or cycle but nothing more.

Rock Climbing
Can be thirsty but generally will require caffine or ethanol depending on how hard it was :)

I will drink vast amounts of water and eat anything thats not nailed down.

I was just wondering that maybe it was the years of swimming training I did as a kid, that has maybe given me a good technique and stamina for swimming so I can train harder or something..?

Anyone else got any thoughts on this?



  • DanielB - I'm the same with swimming, I can eat for england after a training session but after running and cycling the thought of food is a no go for a couple of hours...
  • after elbow/beer exercise i find myself ravenous for pies and kebabs
  • Re: Andy Collier

    I find myself in a similiar situation after elbow/wiskey exercise I find myself ravenous for chips'n'cheese :)
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