Swindon Shin Splints

Come-on Splinters, leave a message, I know your out there..........somewhere.


  • Yep, had them since January.  They're not as bad as they used to be.  However, they are still sore....but I've just got used to it.  I've managed them by rest, ice and some strength work.  They're still tender but not enough to quit.   I've got 3 days until the VLM and no way are they going to stop me running my first ever marathon.  In a way, it's good when my quads start aching as it's a distraction from my shin splints! Bring it on!

  • ROFL...as much as we're all captivated by your various injuries, I think this relates to the Wiltshire-based running club image

  • imageoops, feeling rather stupid now

  • That's OK Pipski, you can be an honoury member. Or better still come and join us one day. We're a friendly bunch.

    And what's more, thank's for being the first person to post something.

    Hope Sunday goes well and you enjoy the experience. Remember to look up and around and suck it all in you deserve it.

  • Thanks Alastair...I'm so excited, I could pop !

  • So Pipski, how did it go. Are you able to walk properly now?

  • Hi Alastair!  I am still buzzing from the whole experience.  It was much harder than I thought.  I had walking breaks from mile 22, 24 and crawled practically most of mile 25.  I seriously did not care about time, as I just wanted to finish it.  I thought I had completed it in 5 hours, however I managed to do it in 4:36:01 (damn that 1 second!).  I am delighted.  I had only ran one 20 miler and that was 7 weeks before the race, due to a torn calf muscle.  Imagine what I could achieve if I trained harder and did not walk.....roll on next Tuesday when the ballot opens!  My legs today feel 99% recovered.  I'm considering running again today but not sure if it's too early?   Have you ran a marathon before?  It's so far!

  • Pipski. I've done 11 so far. I've got my next in 2 1/2 weeks at Milton Keynes. It doesn't get any easier. I have always reached a point where I feel I've had enough. 

    Well done with your race, you deserve to feel proud of you effort. The event is just a small fraction of running a marathon. Glad to see you are planning to do another. It's get quite addictive.

    I too, will be applying for a ballot place. Just a 1 in 6 chance of getting one, so don't get disappointed if you don't get a place.

    Once again, well done.

  • Come on Swindon, where are ya?

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