Diet change required ?

I have recently started taking my running a bit more seriously (running more often and futher) and am finding i'm getting really tired most evenings.
I would like some advice on what I should be eating for 'fuel' for my increased exercise !


  • Sam, browse the fora. There are any number of threads on this topic, but for a short answer - lots of pastaread
    icepotatoes, as much fruit and salad as you want.. and a little protein.
  • And remember that no amount of good food will compensate for not enough sleep or an over-full schedule.
  • Is "fora" really the plural of forum? I know we had this discussion a while back, but "fora" just doesn't look right to me!

    If it is then I suppose "Flora" must be the plural of "Florums??"

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Er.. that would be florum. See bacteria/bacterium. Anyway, don't start, Tim will notice.

    On the serious stuff, Wurzel sums it up. Could just add drink lots and lots of water.

    Personally I'm glad running makes me tired, if I don't run I find it hard to sleep.
  • Hear, hear Vrap
    Looks like I might be a lost cause, does that give me an excuse to eat rubbish?
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