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  • Maybe he wants 'privacy' with his bike.
    It's a looker ya know ! ;-)
  • I'll have to have a look at Giant OCR bikes aswell then. Had been looking out of a good deal on a last years bike but most deals seem to be on smaller bikes, I'm just a fraction under the 6foot mark and have been told I should probably be looking for a 58cm frame. Most of the stock left seems to 52-54cm frames.
  • Newbie,
    You would be a Medium size frame if you looked at the 'Giant' range.

    There is a shop called'cycle logic' that do custom builds using last years frames which would save you money.
  • I had a cannondale, it was a really responsive and nice to race bike, but for training week in week out I found it to be really stiff and uncomfortable, in fact I had a steel bike for training in the end. These days I have a Quintana Roo, which I find perfect for training and racing, have a look at the trueno at www.rooworld.com
  • I must say im getting a bit worried about the 'harsness' and 'stiffness' of the Cannondale that has been referred to many times.

    What are the implications / main drawbacks of a harsh/stiff frame. What will it mean on those long 80mile rides i'll be doing (will my arse hurt?).

  • MMmm Eternal Twinkler has a Roo as well, so he'd know about those too.

    I think the ride is all personal taste.
    Pros can ride them for 140 miles at a time, so it's obviously not impossible.

    I usually ride Steel, and lately with carbon forks and that's fine.

    My TT bike is a Giant TCR - so that's aluminium, but again with the carbon fork, and I've ridden that for 100mile TT's with no worries.

    My mate has a custom built fully aluminium Dave Lloyd though, and I rode that for a bit and hated it. But he finished a 12hour in good shape on it.

    A test ride is essential really. What size tyres did you say you were getting ? I find 23mm to be the best for road bikes - more grip and comfort.
  • Tyres are

    Tires - Hutchinson Reflex, 700 x 23c Kevlar

    Gather the 23c must mean they are 23mm?

    To right ill ask for a test ride though dont thibk a quick go on a turbo trainer or even round the block will letr me appreciate how ill feel after 40 miles.

    Still it'll give me some idea.
  • Yeah - 23mm is the width - good sensible choice.

    A quick ride would be better than nothing.
  • ooh the roo TiPhoon looks nice... how much are they??
  • Titanium ? I'm guessing expensive then ?
  • The 'Roo' Ti bike will cost you 2000+!
    Awesome bike though.
    They now do a Aluminium version of this and is a lot cheaper!!

  • Ho ho. I just read that Canondale are new to road bikes... I think Isaw my first one way back in the early 90s... so they've been going a while.
  • how stiff is titanium? i'm riding an aluminium trek 1500 now and i dont fancy anything harder
  • I keep hearing nice things about Airborne Ti bikes. And they look nice too.

    I think Ti is a lot more forgiving than Aluminium, but not ridden a Ti bike. :-(

    Carbon OCLV goes like stink though !!!
  • i heard a few horror stories about carbon exploding into jagged shards after one pothole too many, which put me off a bit

    cougie - why aren't you ib the sub 3.30 flm group??
  • That's the only thing that puts me off Carbon. But then again I've heard about a roof rack mounted Trek destroying a garage door, but being perfectly fine itself !

    OOh - not got round to joing really ! Will have a look later - ta for that.
  • Carbon is the 'dogs'!
    Light, fast and no it wont fall apart after a 'pot hole'

    Ti is very forgiving if you want a bike that you could ride for 100 miles, though ti only works well if you get good quality!!!!
  • i know a few people where it has jeffery!
  • i think the TiPhoon is calling to me.... i'll have to go to the tri expo next month and sit on one i think
  • THere's a 2nd hand Roo thingy on the BCF website today for about 500. Not sure if it was the same model - probably not.
  • they come in loads of sizes per the website pops - i'll get one fitted and set up

    i've been randomly resetting my current bike for the past year and its no good for my poor old back
  • are dura ace or integra better? (my mechanical wherewithall stops just after fixing a flat!)
  • Mine stops a little before.
  • Tee hee.

    Dura Ace is the top level - Ultegra the one down from that.

    Pros use Dura Ace and its very reliable and long lasting.

    I have it on my road bike, and my TT bike has my older Dura Ace set on it from ooooh - 12 or 13 years back. Never had to do anything to it.
  • dura ace it is then

    right what size shall i get... i am 6 foot and three quarters of an inch, inside leg is...... etc etc
  • You would need 57-58cm or if they work from compact sizes you would be a medium.

    Anyone that has 'Roo' bikes should offer a 'Bikefit' service which i would advise as if you are spending that sort of money.

    There are some cycle shops who will sell you a bike that they say is the right size for you as its the size they have in stock.

    Most of the range are designed to be ridden on Tri-bars as they have a steeper seat angle. They are not a road bike!!!!!
  • i was going to get one from the dealer listed in wiltshire - at the expo next month

    i live out in the middle of nowhere now and the roads where i train arent busy, so i dont need a road bike

    just something to give me that extra bit of pace to kick richard m's arse all over the everglades at ironman florida!
  • The 'roo' will do the buisness in an 'ironman'

    I used a 'Tequilo' in 'ironman lanzarote' and i got off the bike and didn't feel cramped up at all from being on the tri-bars as i did when i used a standard road bike in the 2 previous ironman.
  • yeah i've been using an aluminium trek with bolt on profile bars... similar experiences
  • I like this thread.

    Never too late to learn a new language, I say...
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