Why Cannondale



  • Lol jj- know what you mean.
  • Flame-haired man and big cat talk in tongues.
  • As long as Cannondale isn't another name for cannibal and they're actually planning to eat us
  • Well - with you as their lean protein, and me as their fat - they're going to need an awfully large cauldron for their pasta...

  • LOL (get the feeling there's only us here)
  • nah - they're lurkin. Just trying to pretend they have lives.
  • I think I am going to do that now, see you later jj
  • Talking bike is better than working?! Which is what i should be doing!!

  • right i just did 100 miles on my cacky old boneshaker and i was concentrating on every jolt - i'm phoning about the bike first thing monday - maybe they can take one to the tri show and i can ride it home....
  • "cacky old boneshaker"


    Olde Bykeishe?
  • I hope he meant a bike - you never can tell !

    100 miles is going some. Just done 10 miles run early this morning and thena mere 50 mile bike.

    Meant to be a 13 mile run today according to Hal Higdon. Do I give him the extra 3 later on today or what ? You choose for me please !
  • wrap it up in a big bow so it looks like six miles and I'm sure he'll be happy.

    And if you think you can impress me by running 10 and biking 50 in one day,

    you're right. [kowtows in awe]
  • Jj - I cheated.

    10 miles was just after 7, so hadn't yet woken up. Much easier that way.

    And the 50 miles did involve two pit stops for cakes. Monique would have been proud.
  • ooo - I find early runs are easier, too!

    and what is it with men and cakes...

    [shakes head in bewilderment, never having been a cake sort of girl]
  • An Icecream girl i'll bet....

    Yes I think you should do the extra 3... (and make it a 5 for disobeying Hal).
  • Did I hear mention of cakes?

    Cougs if you don't want to run those 3 miles, write the days total in your log in bad handwriting to make it look like a 13, thta's what I do when I don't know how to spell someones name.
  • Genius Mon ! That's what I'll do. I'll smudge it a bit, like I'm crying after such a momentous mileage.

    Carl - you are darn mean. Ditch the Cannondale and get a fixed wheel bike - then you have to pedal every single mile. (like me)

    Waaahaaaahaaaahaaaa !
  • Not tears Cougie- sweat dripping from your brow as you do your log entry straight from finishing your -ahem- 13 miles
  • I shouldnt have been mean, especially given ive done 0 training for 3 weeks (bad flu, colds, cough, Gastro Interitis all one after another and not necessarily in that order).

    Im starting my training again tomorrow, just finishing my draft plan to take me up to The Longest Day, ill post it here when done as it would be useful for some of you to cast an expert eye over it.
  • my powers are weak... i swam 1200 last night after my ride, then i just ran 22 in three hours (so a bit off 3.30 pace) but powered only by 2 chup a chups (halloween flavour - found them in the cupboard), a tangerine and a small carton of pineapple juice (and a litre of water)

    if i can make it up the stairs i'll go and die in a minute

    and then i'll phone about the new bike tomorrow woo hoo
  • [tries terribly hard not to look concerned as Andy is quite big enough to look after himself]
  • i had the foresight to take my mobile, and phone ahead for a thai when i was 25 minutes from home, so i got to scoff it within the all important 30 minute glycogen window... but i still feel like a ghost
  • Hello Andy, doesn't look like I'm going to get Derek to Austria, but I am still keen, where woulfd you be staying, hang on I will boing up the thread.
  • boinging up the thread is very good training for boinging up the hills.

    I should know.

    [tries desperately to find ghost for Andy, but fails]
  • tee hee we keep missing each other monique - flying is OK, not thought about where to stay yet, but I'll look tomorrow (or i might phone a friend in our vienna office and get him to find some good deals, being a native and speaking da ligo and all that)
  • Well count me in for anything you find, I don't mind roughing it, and am happier in the kind of hotel that doesn't get upset when you ride your bike up and down the corridoor testing the gears.
  • Andy - you're nuts ! Can we expect Chup a Chup feeding stations to spring up for marathons ?

    And anyone any idea of how many calories a steady 50 mile bike ride should burn ?
    My pal seems to think that he needs brekky, and then stop at the cyclists cafe twice for more food. His pulsemeter told him it was 2500 calories he'd burnt, but as he didn't hit the front once, I find this hard to believe.

    (must tell him about chup a chups though)
  • It probably said 25.00 calories burnt
  • chup a chups are strangely satisfying in a kojac sort of way.. you can lternate between holding it, sucking it and storing it in your cheek hamster-stylee
  • then one day you'll be able to fit it into the chupa-sized hole in your molars...
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