Why Cannondale



  • I recommend a starter pack of a dozen spokey dokeys (assorted colours) in hexagonal shape- less drag. Gradually as the season progresses add further packs, being careful to use plenty of lube to prevent sticking- the noise when 48 per wheel are piled on is deafening and will give you the edge on most distances.
  • Good sound advice there Mon.

    You'll then have wheels sounding like they are disks, but at the cost of a couple of quid.

  • And they don't look like dustbin lids.
  • You two may be joking but if a blind cyclist with no sense of touch came to buy your bike you could fool them into paying extra like that.
  • Good point Popsider.
  • Right - I'm selling mine on Ebay. Blind numb cyclists only please.

    Ta for the idea matey !
  • that's me on a friday night
  • Thats blind drunk cyclists- get glasses.
  • Dokeys.....

    I guess ill need some of them to (will it make my bike faster) - im guessing here that Dokeys are some kids toy yea !!!

    Ill get them as long as they match the colour of my air horns.

    Funny when I told a mate I was starting to do Triathlons he siad he had a Ralley Grifter still in his moms shed and I should do one on that for a laugh...
  • i'm inevitably going to do a few warm up races before Austria, and i think doing them on a grifter or a chopper with spokeydokeys and tassels would be a larff
  • We should get a group of us together and all enter 1 race towards the end of the season and do the bike leg on crap bikes. Wonder if you can get aero bars on a Chopper?
  • If you just swivelled the bars flat - you'll have built in tri bars !
  • not seen a chopper for ages, but i thought the only way to swivel the bars was to pull a pretty extreme stoppie
  • Oh. Can you not loosen the clamp and lay them flat ?
  • dunno my recollection was that they were big lumpy welded things, but my poor brain isn't what it used to be so that might be rubbish

    i'll tell you in march when i get my new one!
  • You're prob right. I might be confusing it with my bruvs BMX.
  • I would be up for the retro bike team in a triathlon, I am sure I can steal a BMX from somewhere. We could win a price in the "vintage section" we would need to enter a "novelty" distance tri as if I can't get a bmx it will be a really small Barbie bike with basket and baby seat for a dolly.
  • -or a space hopper
  • right we're on, lets choose a suitable event

  • I could nick lil cougies abracadabra bike.
    Mind you he's only 4 so I'd be faster picking it up and running with it.
  • does it have stabilizers
  • Yeah ! Could lend them to Jj !
  • lol
  • dammit - cant get my frame size till april

    back to the drawing board
  • Whack a great big seatpost on ?
  • trisports are very fussy about getting the right size... which i suppose makes sense if you're paying that much

    nope - gone for a pret a porter alternative

    trek equinox 11 in carbon (which the shop dude assures me wont explode if I treat it lovingly, and dont put grease on it)

    (stand by for the explosion then!)
  • Grease ? Is that what makes them explode ?

    Sounds v nice anyway. Website for it ?
  • http://www.trekbike.co.uk/bikes/2004/road/timetrial/equinox11.php

    just been to order it, went through a long 'suits you sir' fitting session
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss.

    I think I slobbered into my keyboard.
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