Valencia Marathon 2014

Hey all,

Apologies if there's a pre-existing thread, couldn't find one for the 2014 race!

I'm considering signing up for this off the back of a mitigating-circumstances performance in the Paris marathon; everything I've read about it seems to be really positive, has anyone here done it before? Worth doing? Am tempted either by this or by San Sebastian 2 weeks later, although the latter looks like being an entirely different, rainier beast...



  • Just booked my flights yesterday. Flying Newcastle to alicante then getting train as Valencia hard to get to from northern airports. 

    Looks a fantastic city & a fast course. Looking forward to it! 

  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    Stephen I am signed up to do this one too but was considering getting the train to Gatwick and then going directly to Valencia. I too am in the North East. When are you travelling out?


  • It is an awesome race - flat & fast (if maybe a bit on the warm side) with lots of nice little keepsakes (medal, shirt and bag), grandstand finish and great support along the way.  Plus beer and a bag of oranges - what more could ya want? 

  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    Easy flight connections image

    Cheers Cooks, It also says on the blogs that the water is in bottles too. Bliss.


  • I've just signed up for this, it'll be my first marathon, looked long and hard about where I should attempt my first, but the finish clinched it for me... will be booking hotel and flights soon, but all seem reasonably cheap at the moment.


    Any idea how many will likely be running, can't find the information anywhere..

  • PCleasby fly out 7am sat morning. Land alicante 11, 20mins on bus to train station then 2hours to valencia from there. Get there by 3pm hopefully, fly back tue evening.

    I'm sure I read 9000 did the marathon last year

  • Yep - bottled water.  The sports drink is mainly in cups though - can't remember what the deal was with gels either....

    For the finish the build a temporary runway over the water in the city of art and sciences (which is that funky modern building you sometimes see on tv - most recently in a car ad).  It's my favourite road mara to date - actually preferred it to London!

  • I done this. 2 years ago. Its a beautiful city. Also they claim that the original

    Holy grail is in the city cathedral.

    I flew from Stansted to Valencia. At the airport they have a metro straight to different drops around the city. If I remember right. You need to get off at the xativa stop. It only takes about 15 mins from airport.

    Im doing Amsterdam this year. When I ran I think it was around 8000 or 10.000 runners. I went to watch Valencia on the Saturday night at the mestailla

    It was only 20 euros. The people are friendly and if you wad their in the summer the beach is amazing. Good luck to all.image
  • This will be my third year of Valencia marathon, absolutely love this race and the city. As already mentioned above, fantastic flat course (was made quicker last year). Great crowd support and the start finish area would be hard to beat anywhere in the world. A few from the RW met up for a beer (or many beers) after last years race, nearer the time would be nice to organise the same again this year...


    Good luck folks.

  • Having had a great run in Madrid a fortnight ago, I am very tempted by this, particularly with all these positive comments. Do you think it is better to arrive early (Thurs/Fri) in order to recover from the journey or leave it till Saturday and leave later (say Tues)? For Madrid I got there early Friday and then spent 2 days walking round the city which was quite tiring.

  • Entered now! Daughter doing the 10k.

  • Im in. looking at staying in benidorm and driving over for the expo and then the marathon. What is needed at the expo to pick your number up?


  • I've just signed up too!  Hoping to be able to improve my VLM time of 4.07, loved London but found it very crowded and hard to maintain my pace. Valencia looks amazing image

  • Nicole, I suspect that you would have a great chance of beating your pb in Valencia. Once away from the start area it's amazing how quickly the runners spread out leaving plenty of room.

    For anyone considering where to stay, I can heartily recommend the old part of the city. It's only a short bus or taxi ride to the start and is a fantastic area to stay.

    I consider this race such a fabulous end of year treat, can't imagine not doing the race now image

  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    I've booked in the old part of Valencia too. Having recovered from Boston I am beginning to focus on Valencia now, well once holidays are out of the way. Starting to try and rebuild my aerobic base so I am in good shape for November. Hoping to help a running mate of mine go sub 3 for the first time. We'll certainly be up for post race beers once a venue is decided nearer the time.


  • Desperate to break four hours this year, not sure how feasible this is, my year has been focused on ultra/ trail running. September/ October will have to try and get some speed work in. Look forward to meeting you PC.

  • Hi Jake. Also looking to break 4 hours. How close have you come to this in previous years and how does this compare to your times elsewhere. Did 4:07 in Madrid in April but that included an uphill first 6k and 5 of the last 6 miles climbing steadily. Hoping that the flat course will allow me to achieve sub4. 

  • Me three! Also did 4.07 in VLM this year (my first marathon) although found the course very crowded. Would love to go sub 4 this timeimage
  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    It's great to have these time targets! It keeps you motivated right through your training and into the race itself. The reviews say this one is fast and flat so if the weather is kind those of you on the cusp of significant time barriers have every chance of hitting a pb which makes the post race celebrations all the more joyous.


  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭

    Looking forward to this one as well. Glad to read and hear its nice and flat and quick times are possible. I am hopefull of a sub 3.20 attempt...The pacer will be my new best friend on race day...

    And hopefully, all this heat will stand us in good stead come November. I am guessing that it wont be as hot so fingers crossed it should feel a teeny weeny bit easier. Thats the plan anyway!!

  • There are some speedy types joining the thread, you folks will be on your 2nd or 3rd pint by the time us old 'uns hobble over the line!

    Good luck with your training everyone, stay safe.

  • Some speedy people on here! I echo JakeUK's thoughts, we'll be crawling over the line while you're on your fifth San Miguel...

    How's everyone's training going so far? I've been cycling regularly since Paris with a few runs dropped in but over the last 2-3 weeks have switched that round. Have done a slow 14 miler on trails, looking to run a nippier half this weekend.

    Have also entered the Bristol and Cardiff half marathons as preparation (though won't really be PB chasing in those!).

  • You sound about where I am tmbrntt. Done lots of cycling but stepping up the running now, 13 miler planned for tomorrow or Saturday. Trying to seek out some flatter routes, tricky around these parts, as the hill work, although obviously bringing many benefits, shouldnt be as necessary as it was for the Madrid marathon.

  • I've been checking out the website and it looks as though drinks stations are only every few miles. Personally I like to drink little but often so would like to use a hydration rucksack/bladder- does anyone know whether this is allowed ? (I know they were banned in some American marathons for security reasons)? Thanks! image
  • Nicole, as I remember the drink stations are every 5k, can't think for one moment hydration packs would be banned in Valencia.

    Just completed my first 100 miler and into the second week of two weeks off training, climbing the walls. Marathon training to start in earnest on 1st September, desperate to get the four hour monkey off my back.

    Hope everyone is staying injury free?

  • Good weekend of training, did my first uninterrupted non-trail half-marathon run of the training session and was more or less fine with the pace I want to run Valencia at, finishing the run in about 1.47 (am targeting 3.30) and with plenty left. I did a road race session thing on my bike the next day (totalling around 70 miles) so clearly had plenty left in the tank!

    The first time I've really trained without a schedule (targeting weekly mileage and a few pre-determined long runs), am working out at the start of each week when I can and will do my runs. So far working out nicely, so far anyway...

  • Bit quick for me tmbrntt- you can jog back and cheer me over the last mile!

    I am also looking to break 4 hours Jake. What are you using as your marathon pace in training runs? I'm basing mine on 9 min miles as my plan is to get to 20 miles in 3 hours or just under and then get as much under an hour for the last 10k as I can manage.

  • bob, not really done any timed road runs since last year, been mainly off road in 2014, so I'm unsure of what level I'm at for the marathon, my HM pb is 1:51.

    Will probably use a marathon training plan for the first time ever.

    The crowd support is fantastic, especially in the latter stages so if you get to 20 miles in three hours, you should be looking good for sub four hours with the energy of the crowd image

  • Thats what I'm hoping! When I did Madrid I hit 20 miles in around 3:05 but 5 of the last 6 miles were mostly uphill and I ended up with 4:07. My HM pb is also 1:51.  Will do 5x 20 mile runs, as I did last time. Found this really gave me the confidence to know that the distance wouldn't be a problem. 

  • Crikey bobdidmadrid, clearly a big fan of the long run! I'll probably only do 20 miles once or twice (I do a lot of cumulative fatigue work though).

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