5K progress!

I've recently started slowly building up my running again after being injured on and off (shin splints.) for about a year, and I really want to make some progress in my 5k times and stamina.

My PB is approx 22:35 although this was a couple of years ago-this was annoyingly my first ever parkrun which I didn't train at all for. My recent parkrun times have been over the 26 minute mark, although I did a 5k race on sunday and got a sneaky 23:40 out of the blue, which I was pretty happy with! I'd love to beat my elusive PB in the near future but I'm aware I need to take it slowly so that my injuries don't creep back.

I'm 17 and have been a member of a running club before, but quit because I couldn't fit it in around school work. At the moment I'm running a couple of 20 minute runs every week. I'd love some advice about training/how to build things up steadily and how to increase stamina and fitness! Thanks and apols for the essay 


  • Hi, well you seem to understand its important to start slowly which is good. Can you manage anymore than than a couple of 20 min runs a week? If you can do a bit more that would obviously increase fitness. Just add 10% on per week so if you run 40 mins this week run 44 minutes next week and so on with a reduced week every 4 weeks or so. Keep doing the parkruns, they're great. 

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    Split some of the 20 mins up to do intervals eg 5 mins at your target 5k pace, 3 mins rest and repeat or 1min fast/1 min rest and repeat.

    If you just run at the 5k pace you can currently do, you won't get  much faster, you need to get used to what it's like running faster.

    As your target 5k pace gets higher you need to up the training pace in line.

  • Great thank you for the advice, should I be doing anything other than running to improve core strength? 

  • thanks for the advice - this is relevant for me today.
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