Salisbury Half Marathon

does anyone have any comments about the 2013 Salisbury Half? I'm thinking of running it this year and would appreciate any advice!


  • Hi Elaine,

    I ran it last year. It was an enjoyable, friendly race through some beautiful villages and countryside. It's quite hilly but fun. I may well do it again this year. Anything else you want to know?
  • I ran it the year before last as my first half and really enjoyed it. As above, it's not flat but most of the climbs are gradual rather than steep (if memory serves me right) and it's a beautiful route going through little villages. Not the biggest race out there but I really liked it. I seem to remember getting a mug as a race memento instead of a medal or t shirt which made a nice change!

  • thanks guys that's great - I'm happy with hills! glad to hear it's a friendly race, atmosphere is really important! just did the Bath Half and looking for the next challenge. so, just the training to get round to now ;

  • Although I enjoyed Salisbury, I do think there are better halfs in the area. It wouldn't be my first choice. Frome Half in July is hilly but a superb atmosphere, Chippenham is flat but the scenery's not great, and AVR half in November is a really friendly race.
  • Ive done it a couple of times.  Pretty course, with hills, but the field can get strung out and it was lonely one time.  BUT....  it's the British Masters' 2014 HM championship race this year, so expect a few fast old gits!!!!

  • I love this run , prob up there with my top 3 . Really friendly , well marshalled , very pretty . 


  • I'm entering this race and hoping to be one of the fast old gits! I haven't run this before, but have done the 10 mile this year and last which I enjoyed.

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