Paris Marathon 2015

Just registered for next year as I suspect I will get the usual knock back from London, how easy is it to get a place? Are they guaranteed?  Anyone have any other useful info? 



  • I was also wondering about entry for Paris - I thought it was that you just entered and got a place but there seems to be some sort of pre registration and a draw in April? I thought you could wait till October usually?


  • Hi Janine


    Found this.....

    I guess the pre reg puts us in the draw for one of these bands of entries.



  • I'd pop over to "Events" where you will find a Paris marathon crew who seem to know everything you could ever wish to find out

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    They've changed the entry system for next year. There is a ballot, but it's for cheaper entry places. The normal first come first served system will open up in September/October as normal, but the entry price is higher than the ballot places.

    The race can sell out, but having ran it the last three years it's never sold out quickly. There were still places available as late as February for this years race.

  • Thanks Eggyh73 - I want to see if I get into London first before entering Paris.

  • Perfect, thanks very much

  • So I pre-registered, and I just got an email saying I've 'tire'd' a place - but I'd already jumped teh gun and gone for a place in Brighton.  I can get a refund though.  But now I'm unsure. 

    I suppose Paris would be nice.

  • Paris is great, I'm in

  • I'm in the London Ballot but don't hold out much hope there, so I think I'll be heading to Paris whatever!
  • I have just got in the Paris one, but not sure whether to hold out to wait and hear about London, ran it this year for charity and absolutely loved it image Any recommendations on what to do, what is Paris like compared to London? Thanks

  • Me too! I've got a Paris place and can't quite believe it. It will be the biggest city marathon I've run in by far. Apparently the course is beautiful, but they serve fruit, not gels, so the floor can get very messy indeed. In the unlikely event I get a London place, I might just run both...
  • Okay, so now I'm confused, how long do I get to 'hold' this place? I get paid on Friday, it'll still be there, right?

    (Why can't the London Marathon be this simple...)

    All this means, of course, that I will absolutely have to do the Berlin Marathon and then tell people I ran three capitals in Europe. 


    ... does Rome have a marathon?

  • Says it's valid till the 4th of May.

    I'm going for it I think, if I get a London place I will defer it!

  • You have to pay for your place by 1st May I think.

    And regarding Rome...
  • Rome... then Paris... then London... then Charing Cross Hospital most likely

  • I've never run a Marathon, never run morethan 10 miles but Ive booked a place for Paris.

    It's one way to get to see the city.

  • Yay! Go Richard! 

    It is, it's a brilliant way to see the city and get your barings.  Also how many holidays do you go on where you get a medal at the end?

    (That being said, in our house, we're divided on our opinions of the Paris Marathon medal this year.  My co-habitors think it's clever, I'm not sold on it.)

  • Well I applied for London last year and again this year. Figured the chances are so slim that I had nothing to lose.
  • I ended up doing it through charity because I really wanted to do it.  I'm hoping to get a job with Mind at one point and that they'll let me take any leftover place... image


    Otherwise, I'm looking at Wales for this summer.

  • hi has anybody done paris marathon before could recommend any hotels near start/finish area ???

  • We found an apartment last year Booked thro Owners Direct
  • thanks dave you got any contact details please ??

  • Owners direct. It's a web site.... We had 4 nights last year in a great apartment
  • thanks for that dave its very much appreciated mate

  • Hi Kevin - there's still plenty of chat happening on the Paris 2014 thread, including some discussion of accommodation options (basically, near the Arc de Triomphe is easiest, but further out is cheaper). Come over and say hello.

  • Sorry if this question has been asked in previous posts I am from the US and have been accepted in the 2015 Paris Marathon I have just paid my fee My question is that I registered using my middle name since I never use my first When they ask for your ID which will be my passport will they give me a hard time? My passport does show my middle name Also regarding the medical certificate, should I put the name I used to registered or my name as it appears on my passport? Thank you so much for your help

  • I would just use your full name from now on. Medical certificate etc. Its a minor detail but I wouldnt make it worse. Dont panic !


  • Ibis Hotel, Eiffel Tower. Cheap and cheerful but you only need a bed and a shower!


  • Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if you didn't pre-register if it's still possible to get a place for next year? Eyeing up this or Rome for next year, just want to make sure I haven't missed the boat before making any decisions. Whenever I'd looked at it before it had been enter when you like. I know someone said it will be that in September but can't see anywhere confirming that?

    Appreciate any feedback

  • I'd go for Rome, I didn't like the Paris marathon, but then that's only my opinion.

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