Hello everone

So, I havn't posted on RW for what seems like for ages.

Do we have a phone app yet for this site.......and did they ever let David F2 (or whatever was his name) back on the site.


  • Hi KK fancy seeing you hereimage

    I see my spelling has not improved "Hello Everyone" not everoneimageimage 

  • So do we have a RW app yet or not...

    I see there was a very big advert when I logged on some thing to do with cereal image

  • hi tom!

    no app that I know about!

    DF2 changed his name but can't remember what to

  • Hey Maths welldone on your marathon, i would imagine it was somewhat less crowded than THE Marathon.image

  • thanks tommy - a lot less crowded, only 214 finishersimage and the people walking up and down the seafront eating ice creams really had no idea what the crazy people were doing running up and down looking knackeredimage

  • I think his current name is "The Real Mr I.

    He doesn't post much now though.

  •  slow day in the office hence the posting on here.


    I get a Comuter Coach in to the city now, its load less than the train and i get my own seat every day and it has free wifi. image The journey can sometime be longer but its far more relaxing and comfortable.

    Just thought I would let you knowimage



  • image Tommy hope your sound mate. Nothing much has changed on here just some different faces.

  • Its as if you had never gone away image

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    Hi Tommygun - I've been awol from RW too for ages but popped back about a month ago.  I did THE marathon but it wasn't so crowded where I was near the back either.  We're doing some of the same races later this year aren't we.....

  • Welcome back TG, all good with Mrs TG?

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    I'm not here, I'm in Australia, but it's lovely to see you back.

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