Downhill PB - Do they count?

I think London is slightly downhill. Same Edinburgh.  I'm sure these are fine... but there must be some sort of limit for, say, world records to be allowed to go into the books.

Some half marathons and 10Ks have elevation drops too.

So, is there an officially accepted maximum elevation drop that's allowed for road-race world records - and is this the same limit that should be used for Personal Bests?

Any ideas, or links, would be welcome.


  • there is an official limit but i can't remember what it is.....we have a couple of downhill races as they go down the valleys

  • From Wikipedia, accuracy not guaranteed!

    • "The start and finish points of a course, measured along a theoretical straight line between them, shall not be further apart than 50% of the race distance."
    • "The decrease in elevation between the start and finish shall not exceed an average of one in a thousand, i.e. 1m per km
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  • Boston cannot be an official time for a World Record. Is that right?


  • Philamena: Apparently so.  Mens marathon WR at the moment is the 2:03:23 Wilson Kipsang did in Berlin last year.  I hadn't realised until a couple of days ago that Geoffrey Mutai ran 2:03:02 in Boston, but that doesn't count as WR due to downhill nature of the course.

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    i think the GNR cant count in world records due to the fact that its downhill (doesnt feel like it though)

  • There has to be some sort of limit or you could have a downhill race down  a mountain and no flat race would be able to compete. The equivalent of setting a 100m world record with a huge gale behind you. 

  • Isn't the downhill WR for the mile about 3 mins? I'm sure i saw a program about it being held in Mallorca or somewhere in the Canary Islands a while back and it's a straight mile on road on the side of the mountain.....imagine the hot, slapped feet feeling at then end.

  • Be even quicker if you just dropped out a plane at 1 mile with no chute.

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    May be even quicker with a chute....if you don't open it

  • They may not count in regards towards world record times but for bragging rights down at the local pub the times still count. Running 2 hours and 30 minutes in a marathon  sounds a lot better than a 2 hour and 40 minutes in London(Major) Marathon.

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