Berlin Marathon travel and accomodation. HOW MUCH???!!

Just checked flights from Bristol to Berlin going out Friday coming back Monday with accommodation EIGHT HUNDRED QUID EACH!

Now this was going the gullible route. Bristol airport site, Berlin Holiday Inn site so I expected it to be pricey. Now there has to be someone on here who has been to this probably more than once.

So how did you do it? Or is that about it? In which case Disney here we come!


  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    Frankfurt in October is a better option £115 to £220 for return flights and lots of decent accommodation available too.  image

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    What about driving to Germany? I have done it and it's not difficult and might be cheaper than flying.
  • Easyjet from Manchester is usually about £120 return. I have stayed at both Ibis Styles (booked through Accor site) in Berlin. Ibis Styles are awful in the UK but unsurprisingly they are great in Berlin. Clean, comfortable and with a decent breakfast. Just had a look and they ranger from £50-£100/night so if you can get to Manchester then you should be all sorted £300-400.

    I drove the first time to Berlin and it makes for a bloody long day in the car

  • Worth looking at flights to Hamburg or elsewhere in Germany and getting a train from there?  Easy jet have wised up, when I went in 2010 I got return flights from Bristol for under £50.  Ahead of 2011 they had realized that they didn't need to offer the cheap seats to fill the flight on maraton weekend.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice but it's looking a bit pricey even at ??300 each. Shame really as the place was free from Prostate Cancer UK through the Royal Mail.

    I'll stick my name down for London. Doesn't seem very popular. Should walk into that.

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