Half marathon training advice



  • Peter MPeter M ✭✭✭

    Well done again on your time image, bet those last few miles, knowing you were in a good place, felt really good image.

    the question is Boz, are you going to listen to the advice from everyone on this thread for your next HM, and slow down your long runs? 

  • Slow down long runs by running extended intervals with walking breaks. Walking breaks  will slow down your pace, aid in recovery and extend distance and time of run.

  • RW, I couldn't agree more about using walk breaks, especially if you use them strategically rather than when you get tired. I use the Jeff Galloway  approach and for the first time in years I have gone 6 months without a single niggle, even though I have done the Blackpool half and London in that period. Never been known before. You don't lose much time at all either.

    He has a good website and there is a current Jeff Galloway thread on the forum.


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