80's running/athletics magazines free on collection


Clearing out stuff from my Mum's house I came across magazines in excellent condition that I don't want recycle/don't have space to keep:

Athletics Weekly Sept 1983 - Jan 1989

Running Magazine Oct 1983 - July 1989

Athletics Today (rival to AW) Mar 1987 (issue 1) to end (about 1992)

Message me if anyone wants to collect them




  • Athletics Today was a great magazine back then, shame it folded.

  • It was, AW seemed to go down-market and AT filled that gap perfectly.  I've go them all, don't want to recycle but no room, sadly.

  • Barry :Mel Watman and Peter Matthews were the editors in 'AT'. A real shame that you have to get rid of them.

    Unfortunately I've no more magazine space or I'd have gladly taken them off your hands. Despite having probably every copy you are getting rid off !

    The 1983 - 1986 'Running Magazines' were brilliant. The forerunner of Runners World.

  • Hi Barry,

    do you still have these at all mate?
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