Watch recommendation please

watches.  I'm looking for a watch where I can tell it how long I want to run/walk for, i.e. run for 1 min, walk 2, and for it to either bleep at me or vibrate at the start/stop point.

I've started looking but there's so many options.  By budget is £50. I think the Garmin 10 does this but I was wonder if anyone knows of any other options?

I've also posted this thread in 'Gear'..need as much help as possible please.




  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    The Garmin 210 would be a good option but it costs well above £50. Perhaps it's worth looking for this on ebay or a similar place for a lower price?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Posting the same thing in the different forums doesn't get bonus points it just pisses people off and probably guarantees you less replies.

  • Timmi - thanks I'll have a look at that. 

    Booktrunk.  Apologies for offending you (or anyone else).  As a newbie to the site and the forum it's such a shame that I've received such a negative reply on my first post. There was really no need, at the end of the day  I'm not looking for bonus points, just information.  

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Ok, so you don't actually like advice, I'll remember that. *shrug* 

  • Sorry, you didn't actually give me any advice.  But feel free to not comment much for a friendly forum. 

  • My sister bought the soleus 1.0 GPS for £50 from sweatshop, think it does all you want. Think it was a pain to set up at the start as instructions weren't great but now ok. Google it and see what you think. 

    You may get one for your budget on eBay or if your in a running club ask about as someone may be upgrading .

  • Thanks bigeater, will investigate the soleus. 

  • I've just purchased a 'GymBoss' for £16. Basically just does intervals and beeps/vibrates telling you when to walk/run!

  • You can pick up a second hand Garmin 405 or similar on Ebay for around that price. There's usually quite a few on there all the time.

    You might be able to get a second hand 205 for even cheaper than that. You don't get a warranty but it's a lot cheaper than buying a new one and some of them have been hardly used.

    In my experience Garmins are brilliant when they are working well but prone to breaking down.



  • Rlise B7 and Ashely Smith 11, thanks to you both for your advice. I will look at the 'GymBoss' and the Garmins.




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