Florence Marathon


Im a single guy looking for a challenge/holiday this year! I am doing 4 half marathons this year already the last being in oct and the Florence marathon being at the end of Nov. 

My question is has anyone ever done this and is it a good course or any recommendations? Iv also seen a company that does this trip called running4you has anyone heard of this company? 


Cheers guys




  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    yes it's a good one.  Properly in the city around many lovely sights, not that I took them in.  fast course, downhill at the start and then flat (like Edinburgh). November can mean cold drizzle, great for running and not overheating but can put a damper on the spectators. best place in the world to carb load.  There may be some cobbles near the end.  I got bright blue spandex bottoms instead of t-shirt.

    no idea about running4you

  • sounds like a good marathon for your first? given the possibility of little heat and flat surface. Whats the medal like you get? and are the bottoms optional? I think id look better in a T-Shirt haha. The sights look amazing but like you say when im running i do look around but i don't really compute what im looking at 

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Yes it's a good first marathon, and if you get injured and can't race you can have a nice holiday there with the accommodation and flights you will have booked..  I can't remmeber the medal.  standard lump of metal on string.  The bottoms were not optional and there were no T-shirts. I do not wear the bottoms in daylight hours except for when I want to impress upon people that while I may not be exceptionally fast, I am doing OK relative to the size of my arse.  I remember there were no T-shirts because my friend (who rant he first half with me and then finished maybe 45 minutes behind) only finished because she wanted the T-shirt and was extremely annoyed.

  • I'm running, but never done it before! Mmm, not sure about blue spandex!

  • Hi SensesFailYou, I work for Running4you, glad to see you have found our website!  We launched officially in the UK this year, but have been running training camps and offering customised training programs in Italy since 2009 (take a look at our testimonials here http://running4you.org/en/testimonials/).  We'd love you to join us in Florence, where I'm sure we'll have quite a group of both Brits and Italians. Florence is a beautiful city and as marrows said, visiting the city is part of the experience.

    p.s. I too have the bright blue spandex bottoms and I also choose not to wear them in daylight hours - but there are plenty of other reasons to run Florence.  Feel free to contact me at events@running4you.org if you'd like to find out more about Running4you and our range of events and training services.

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