Great Weston 5M

Has anyone maged to make an online entry RW does not give me any categories to choose from


  • The race organiser had to edit some information about the run, I spoke to him and he advised me that it should be working as normal now. I have just made a successful online entry. Good luck with making yours. 

  • Made mine about a week ago, seemed ok


  • Thanks guys.It seems it was something to do with ordering T-shirts. However it was confusing and he has now restored facilities


  • ahhhh im having problems too...poor seth i think im going to be ringing him;-(

  • ALL set for Monday, hope everyones managed to online reg, hoping for 36 mins have been told its a quick route, is this true

  • It is advertised as "Nobody said it was easy" the last 1/2 is distinctly uphill. A mile is off-road. Probably not as quick as u would like but not the toughest of courses

  • I have done the race 3 times and its one of my favourites - well organised, friendly, nice medal and t shirt - all for a decent price. Race ends at the village fete. Last 1/2 mile is indeed a fairly steep hill so leave something in reserve! Some of the tracks are a bit rutted so watch your feet - but that just makes it a bit different and more fun IMHO.


  • late post - but yes very steep 1/2 mile hill at the end with off road track needing some hole fills, but got my sub 36 so happy with that, will be there again next year

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