Swansea Half Marathon, July 20th 2014

I have just read on twitter that the first Swansea Half Marathon is to take place on Sunday July 20th 2014.


This site has gone live today and entries are now open!

LINK: Swansea Half Marathon.....


I am looking forward to entering a half marathon right on my doorstep.


  • I'm in. No details on the route yet though. £24 not too bad for a city half marathon. There was an article about it in the local paper the other day - few interesting points... 8:30am start... 2 and a half hour cut off... only 2000 entrants max. I think this will attract quite a few, hence the reason I've got in early with my entry.

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    It won't be attracting me at 8:30am in the morning. 

  • I've entered this too and I am looking forward to it already. The 8:30am start is fine for me seeing as its so local so I cant complain there.

    Its good to see an event like this taking place in Swansea as both Cardiff and Llanelli have half marathons and even a full marathon in Llanelli too thinking of it, while Swansea only had the 5k and 10k races up until now, that I know of anyway.

  • I have entered this todayimage So looking forward to a local HMimage

  • Aparrently they've already passed the 1000 entrants mark - could be sold out within a couple of days!

  • I'm in. Done Llanelli 7 times and Cardiff 3. Nice to have another within easy travelling distance. With early start hope to finish before it gets too warm. 

  • 4 Llanelli and 4 Cardiff for me. Would be good if Newport and Llanelli don't clash in future years so there's a few options in South Wales with this one as well. Severn Bridge half marathon this year as well.

  • I've entered! First half marathon and I think it's because I know the area it will entice me on mentally to finish.

    Any tips on running a half though will be greatly appreciated. I'm surprised it's taken so long for Swansea to do a half.

  • I've entered because it is on my doorstep. My fastest half was only 2:10 and that was at the Asics training day (so unofficial). I'll probably be last. As it's the first one in Swansea I hope the organisers have a good one so that it grows to be as big or bigger than Cardiff.

    It has now sold out so good luck everyone.


  • Ice QueenIce Queen ✭✭✭

    I'm in!  Swansea is such a great location for a Half Marathon.

    With it being a July event I think the 08:30 start is a Good Idea.  I did the Toronto Half on holiday on a warm day and the 08:30 start was perfect.  They set the full off at 07:45.  By the time my other half did the 5k at 12 noon it was pretty baking.

  • Cannot wait. Hopefully catch up with some of the Welsh forum peeps like MadWelshWoman.
  • Still hope to be running in this, suffering from VMLM injuries and training not going too well at the moment, fingers crossed! Would be great to catch up with you Welshgjeimage

  • Really, really want a place in this if any of you good folk change your plans. I grew up in Swansea and have only just found out about this race.

    Please let me know if you or anyone you know can help.

  • Hey. I recognise a couple of names on here from llanelli marathon couple of years ago. Id like to fo this event but as i havent been running much i didnt see event until it was sold out

    Legend - im doing severn bridge too

    Good luck everyone
  • So did anyone on here run this? How as it?


    I've just signed up for next year.

  • Yes - it was good! Thought they were very well organised especially considering it was the first event. First 11 miles are a fast course up to Mumbles and back then a bit of weaving around SA1. Had use of the LC for bag storage, changing and toilets which was a massive help and avoided the ridiculous queues you get at some other races.

    I thought it got a bit warm later on but it's about five weeks earlier next year. On the downside it now clashes with Download so I'm waiting until they release the lineup before I decide what to do about entering.
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