Advice for a Newbie

I have just joined the forum.
I was a keen runner at school and now aged 43 and overweight I am trying to get the momentum back.
I have become lazy over the years and in a bid to get fit etc I have signed myself up for the 5K race for life in June (which I intend to run).
My question is what is the best form of training?
I have downloaded the NHS couch to 5K app but didn't get on too well with this. Can anyone recommend anything else?
Also my friend said I shouldn't be running until I have lost weight - which I found demotivating. Is this true?



  • Why did the couch to 5k plan not work?

  • I think it was my connection. But it put me off then as I was constantly looking at the time - which made it unenjoyable then.
    I do have runkeeper and have tried that before which seems ok but I might try and few other things that people have now recommended like planning a 3 mile run and timing it. A mixture between running and walking.

  • Get yourself down to a local ParkRun on Saturday mornings, Very friendly places, timed and no matter how slow you are there is always a tail runner to keep you company.

    i'm just over 18st and completed my 3rd 5k ParkRun last week

  • Penny,

    Losing weight is useful for running but running is useful for losing weight so I wouldn't get to count up with losing weight before you get some running in, If just go for it and see how you get on.

    Running can be hard going at first if your able to find someone else to go out with will help with your motivation and stuff depending where you are in the uk you might be able to find a running club that can help you out with training and also so you have a social aspect.

    As above is there any reason why the NHS training plan isn't for you? It's it's just the app itself I'd take a look at there website and see if that makes any difference.

  • Motivation is the key.  You have to be prepared to drag your arse out the door when you aren't feeling up to it or the weather is crap.  Once you get into the habit (and it will take a couple of weeks or so), it will get easier, honestly.  Even if you are blowing at the end of a run, you never feel worse than when you set off.  You might ache a bit the next day, but it will be worth the effort.  Just take your time, and build up slowly at your own pace.  Not everyone is the same.

    Once you get into the cycle of training regularly, keep it up.  Don't take holiday breaks.  It will be all too easy to fall back into old habits.  Stick some running gear in your car, or take it to work with you so that you have no excuses.

    And finally; remeber, don't reward yourself with sweet treats after a run because you've earned it; it will defeat the object.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. I have my daughter to run with me (most of the time) just until I get into the habit.
    I feel I can do it as it's in me somewhere - Yesterday I went in the rain straight from work and I find that I have to do this before I get in and start doing other things or sitting down otherwise I will never go.

  • Nice one.  Keep it up, and reap the rewards.

    Wait until you're getting up early on a Sunday morning to go for your long run....image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I'm the same work, home, get changed, try to have a pee n poo then out running before I change my mind image 

  • Very true Booktrunk! Gotta have your pee and poo otherwise its into the bushes for emergency pit stop ... especially with Ulcerative Colitis!



  • Ha ha I will bear that in mind.


  • Good luck penny, as said get yourself down to your local parking on a Saturday morning and make it routine, very friendly, totally free get among like minded people. Walk/run is ok and before long there will be more running than walking! 

  • Thanks so much - am overwhelmed already with the responses I have had. All very encouraging and helpful.


  • Just wait until we talk you into a marathon or something equally daft. image

  • Oh blimey - image

  • It’s very doable if you ever fancy it in the future. All it takes as time, training, attitude and the right mates talking you into it after a few glasses of vinto. image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Only a marathon.... In 2 years you'll be an ultra runner image we have the technology.....image

  • Well I shall set that as my goal. Yeah why not I reckon if I stick at it then it can be achieved. ??????????
  • Penny dont do it! i set a marathon as my goal then ended up doing one ... now that ive just been bought a GPS watch ive now set my sights on doing a second, third, and fourth!

    Arrrrgh bitten by the bug!


  • Ha - I have just been talking to someone at work trying to convince her to get into running - she is now having it at the minute but I will keep on at her.

    Actually just talking to her about it and being on this forum has given me a real determination. What an achievement a marathon would be and you are doing more that is brilliant.

    I am still waiting for the bug but hoping by the time I do my 5K in June and achieve it then I will be trully's hoping

  • Honestly though get yourself to Saturday morning ParkRuns they are super! some people walk the whole way others sprint and loads of people just trot along

    great community!


  • Will do I think my friend's husband goes to one so I have no excuse.image

  • GREAT!!

    heres the link for you to get your barcode image

    need to keep us posted on progress


  • Thanks I definitely will.image

  • Right penny, register today and get along tomorrow morning. Take the bull by the horns and do it? Well are you? Come on let's hear a big huge YYYYEEESSSSS! 

  • YES YES YES - I have done it!image oh er

  • Thanks I definitely will.image

  • Oh lord I have registered and printed off my barcode.

  • Brilliant!!! You will do great, just do your own thing and enjoy it! Look forward to hear how you get on. Good luck!

  • Thanks - Am slightly nervous now - but also I reckon I will feel great after....

  • I also recommend parkrun. If you want to see what it is like and meet some of the people then I found it good to volunteer one week. Everyone is very friendly.

    I didn't get on with the NHS C25K but instead used Rundouble c25k and set the alerts to change between walking and running to vibrate only. That way I wasn't clock watching which I found off putting and could just put the phone in a pocket or armband.

    My sister started running using lampposts or other distance markers. Start running to the first lamppost then walk to next etc. The following week run for two lampposts, walk for two or one depending on your stamina and slowly build from there. Sometimes it is easier to persuade yourself to carry on to something you can see rather than keep going for a certain length of time.

    Good luck.

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