Coaching Challenge

Hi everyone, I'm determined to run the London Marathon next year in sub 3 hours and I'm looking for a coach to offer advice and support, and put together a training plan. I'm currently living in South West London and I'll be 30 at the date of the race.

I ran the Paris marathon 5 years ago in 3:36, but haven't run since. I know it will be extremely tough, and most people won't believe I can do it, but if anyone fancies this against-the-odds challenge or can recommend someone please let me know.




  • Hi Jon, 

    I ran London 2013 in 4hours and 26seconds.......

    With a focused approach I have undertaken some serious training. I am now down to 2hours 59mins and 12seconds. 

    Would love to help if I can? 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Have you got a place for London? That's usually more difficult than running the thing.
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