Worcester City 10K

Good idea but very expensive for a 10k.


  • Very much so. More than double what Brighton 10k is. 

  • Tonyp


    Hilton Puckrup Hall Tewkesbury 10K  17th August 2014  £12.00 (£14.00 Unatt)  Great country lanes & local villages route, super medal & goodies,  excellent facilities at the Hilton Hotel, organised by FCR Events Ltd.  fyldecoastrunning.org

  • There are two other 10ks in Worcester I believe. This one has Steve Cram all over it hence the high price. Worcester AC do a 10k on the racecourse. A bit of a naff route (3 laps) but would be very fast. There was also another one planned on the River and down by the Diglis area. Both much cheaper I imagine

  • As an update I now read that Paula Radcliffe plans to do this one. It's a shame that she could not have just promoted one of the existing ones. I imagine it's the Steve Cram connection. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/news/radcliffe-plans-race-comeback-with-worcester-city-10k/11985.html


  • Hi Tony,


    Thanks for the info


    The Hilton Puckrup 5 has been cancelled for 2014 and a new event (different time of year being looked at for 2015.





  • Thanks Ron,

    it just so happens that I am away on holiday with the family on the 17th so couldn't do the Puckrup 5 but would be interested in the alternative -



  • Looking at an event for early Spring 2015 from the Hotel


    Thanks Tony



  • Peak performance events ran a 10K recently in Worcester and it was terribly organised. I wouldn't touch another of their events with a long barge pole. The Worc. AC 10k is fast and flat and although it is a 3 lapper, its next to the river and quite pretty.  There are some great smaller runs in Worcs and Herefordshire: Gords 6, Harewood Hurtle and of course a regular parkrun. There are also plans to start a parkrun in Hereford.

  • 3,000 entries x ??26/28....??80,000+...sounds reasonable...
  • Dave, do you have any more info on the planned Hereford parkrun? Thanks

  • why age 16? i've ran crowle 10k, evesham 10k & pitchcroft 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image

  • I'm doing this event because it's local for me and it should be nice running through the streets - it's a good city centre route - but the PRICE! honestly! completely ridiculous - and then you have to pay an extra "processing fee" of £2.25 for the pleasure of parting with £25! ! Those guys should also be a bit less heavy-handed with their disclaimer that they expect you to sign - against everything including the laws of the state of California. Flippin' eck! Doesn't give a good impression. Won't be doing any more of their events. & I always thought Steve Cram was a good guy.  I now feel bad for not supporting a smaller, locally organised event instead!

  • I for one will probably do either of the following on the 21st: one of the Hereford Running Festival races (either 10k or HM) or the Black Country Run (Halesowen - 10k) - both better VFM....   ham string permitting!

  • Ran the Worcs 10k today. Was a great course, good turnout and well organised (though the 5 minute late start was annoying!

    Was very pricey though, as someone new to the world of running i didn't find it vfm. Only 1 water station at 7k which was too long into the race, especially as weather was so warm... Goodie bag was awful! Although medal was okay.

    Would do next year but only if price was lower. Beautiful views of Worcester and Malvern though and great turnout from the public...

  • Ran this today too. Great course but agree-goody bag was awful, T shirt and medal nice though. Well organised but way too pricey. I only signed upon Wednesday because I'd promised a friend I would and didn't want to let her down. 

  • Yes my 5 year old complained her party bag was not good this weekend too. 

  • Ran this on Sunday - really enjoyed it (partly because I managed a PB!) - I'm taking  back what I said before (mostly)  - well organised, good route, city centre & traffic free - the man himself Steve Cram very much in evidence checking it all out, very well supported, the good people of Worcester coming out in force for a 9.00 (well 9.05!) start... great fun running over the bridge with crowds either side... All made it a really good day & a great atmosphere.

    Goody bag was a bit poor but the running top is nice! I agree that the price is a bit heavy - although given the organisation required for closing the city roads it's going to be expensive. Still think the processing fee on top is an insult tho ...


  • I thought the medal and T-shirt were ok. I've had worse. As for the goody bag all I ever seem to get is water, a cereal bar and a drink or flyer of some sort? So goody bag was the norm for me. A little expensive but as previously mentioned there were road closures in place and it was very well organised. Id rather pay £25 and do an event like this than pay £15 for a half hearted attempt at organising a 10k. Will be back to do it next year for sure. Especially as I only live a mile from the start image

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