Daydreaming and running

When I go running I cannot help but daydream, even though I am trying to control. My daydreaming. When I am moving, walking or sitting in a car I automatically daydream and have to stop myself, but it seems the faster the motion e more compelled I am, so running is just so automatic.  My daydreams are not just thinking about day to day life, here more like fantasys which are enjoyable.


however when I get bored of daydreaming I get bored of running. Or when running gets harder and I have to go slower, the daydreaming isn't as fun so I just want to give up. I think I just have to take my self from reality when it is t stimulating, music makes me daydream but even without music I would still do it. 


I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or if you just stay in he present when running.  I want to run for longer periods but when I've been daydreaming I can feel anxious after so don't. Really want to continue the run


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