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So, last October I decided to stop smoking, stop drinking completely and try to trim down from a very portly 18 st and a bit. Now - 6 months later, I have lost over 5 stone, can run 5k with no problems (not ever so fast though) have completed my first 10k and have signed up for a half Marathon. But now my knee hurts like hell and I can`t lift my trailing left leg due to the pain. I wonder if there are any other older people who just want to get through the run, set no world records and stay fitter than before. Also - -anyone know how to stop my bloomin knee pain.??


  • ed I'd get your GP to refer you for the knee pain could be anything but might be a cartalidge issue.

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    Very well done on your weight loss and running - you're never too old and the great thing with running is that you can have your own personal goals which are nothing to do with anyone else.  

    Definitely go to your doctor re. the knee, s/he would much rather see you for a running injury than for high blood pressure etc. due to being unfit and overweight.  And if painkillers and rest are prescribed dig a little deeper and don't be afraid to ask for a referral to a physio or other specialist.  I can't really afford private so it's always the GP  for me image

  • Ed I started running after stopping smoking & drinking 10 years ago nearly, aged 47!

    Almst immediately I developed a knee problem, probably due to too rapid a build up.

    Get a referral & don't give up - you'll be back on your feet in no time. Meamwhile, I try to keep fitness up by aqua jogging, cycling, anything I can do pain free.

    My top tip is never ever run injured no matter what. Last time I did I was out for 2 months.
  • Try not to do too much too soon and do come over to the mature runners thread - most of us on there are over 60, some well over! I myself am 64 and an addicted triathlete, not very good but I just love racing. Redhead is a marathon runner and holder of 4 Guiness world records! Our founder is JJ who is over 70. Do come over and join in, we're a friendly lot and there's lots of good advice and tips given. Hubby and I do a lot of swimming as it's non-weight bearing and still a good workout.

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    ed watkins. Well done to you.

    Sometimes it can be non obvious - eg strengthening a muscle you never thought about in order to alleviate stress you are putting on a joint by overcompensating etc.

    Or how your heart and lungs get fit fast and you can be writing cheques that your joints and tendons struggle to cash.

    Id make massage and physio part of your routine. The internet is handy but you cant have enough experience to sort the wheat from the chaff. On the other hand a professional will be able to look at you and tell you how to avoid injuries as well as what you need should you get one.

  • "ohne eigenschaften"? Wirklich? Gar keine?

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    ed -- Well done on your health kick and running...  As others have said see a GP for the current pain and don't try doing too much too soon...  I'd add to that: ensure that you are not over-striding (try and keep your core straight and get your feet to land under your arse) and possibly look at Jeff Galloway's Run/Walk/Run technique (there is quite a popular thread about it around here somewhere)...


    I'm quite looking forward to running in my 50s (not too long now) and beyond...  At a recent local 10K there were only 14 entrants in the Male Super Vet (50+ Years) category and they were all DNS...  So I might eventually win something.

  • ed: Well done.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Bionic: none whatsoever indeed. Its a pretty obscure reference though I'll admit image

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