Barton 10K

Anyone doing this.


  • Hi Daveboy

    We have about 30 entries so far, mainly for the 10k. entries are slower than last year but we have found that the weather is now all important for runners decisions. We had a large number of on-the-day entries last year as people checked how dry the course would be. We expect the same this year.

  • Am so exited didnt know there is a 10k race in my old home image I shall be signing up for this one.
  • Kirsty

    you will be very welcome.

    we have three Dodd's entered already, two are pupils, but mum does not believe you are any relation.

    That hill at the start is still there but we have changed the course to make the return safer should the course be wet.


  • No I married a dodd maiden name is day mum and dad are both from barton we moved when I was about 8 ???dad always said he used to run up and along the hills at school. My kids and I still enjoy our trips over ???
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