Rock and Roll Marathon in Lisbon

Anybody doing this. I have signed up with a friend and just looking at flights now.



  • Her indoors and I are up for this.We booked flights on" Airfasttickets" and got a reasonable deal.

  • Yes myself and a friend are booked up. We are flying TAP,we go out on the Thursday afternoon and travel back on Tuesday afternoon....what about you guys?

    Have you booked accommodation yet? If not I would suggest an apartment rather than a hotel. There are stacks of them at around £200 -£250 for 5 nights in great locations in Lisbon.

    Have a look at this link

    Where are you guys based?



  • hi image

    is this the first time for you all in running this race?

    also i have heard there is a huge hill during the final 3 miles to the finish...?

  • I have finished one or two - it is only my wife's third attempt so if the hill is drastic we will walk it - we are not going to win any prizes so what the hell.

    My wife undertakes races in the Galloway method - that is she runs about 6 minutes then walks a minute. This has proved to be her best way of getting around considering she is in her late sixties.

    Our hotel is the HF Fenix Lisboa which was recommended by the booking company.

  • Hi guys


    I will email the organisers and ask for an elevation map and see how it looks.

    Irregular, I have seen many do the run/walk strategy and it does work very well. I use the run quite fast, slow down and then crawl the last mile!!!

    This will be my 9th marathon and I normally do them abroad as it adds the pleasure of looking around the sights and stuff. This will be my running partners 2nd after doing London this year. We are in tick over training at the moment and will start the planned training over the next couple of weeks.

  • HI Atom,

    I am a member of the 100 Marathon Club and over the years have both slowed down and have found the events more taxing.

    My wife and I are entered for the half marathon as she declined

     my offer to accompany me on the full one,

    I have timed myself over both full and half marathons either running the whole distances or walk /run and have discovered time wise there is nowt in it !

    HOWEVER -by walk /running I finish in a better condition. than running the whole distance and can pick up training more quickly.


  • A few of us are planning on doing this event.  I'm likely to be doing the half.

    Irregular - some of my mates from the 100MC will be running this - Pete Morris and Martin Bush.

  • Watch out for the shirt!

  • Wow the 100MC ...I am a mere novice!

    I am looking at getting to ten with a spring one next year and then just focusing on 1/2's. Its getting harder for me also.

    I have received the elevation map from the organisers but not sure how to send it as it not a link. The answer is that the last 2 miles are downhill now with a gradual climb from about 35k to 38k. Nothing looks as though its a killer.

    If anybody wants it I can ping an email over

    Welcome andyp....I see you support Reading. I live in Caversham but I am a from Huddersfield mate.



  • Wallingford 10k yesterday.....muddy as hell !

    All miles though. Anybody else got races booked?

  • started the training plan a bit early but only in tick-over mode. Doing about 20 miles a week which includes as many 10k races as I can find locally. It always helps with the better weather, 6.5 miles along the river with Rick at 7am this morning, fantastic!


    How's everybody else going?

  • Atom Ant wrote (see)

    Wow the 100MC ...I am a mere novice!

    Welcome andyp....I see you support Reading. I live in Caversham but I am a from Huddersfield mate.



    Hi AA - yeah, I've just done my 12th marathon so I'm nowhere near their levels of stamina.  Do you support the Terriers then?

  • I live in Fixby - Leeds United supporter!

  • andyp......yes I support Huddersfield. I mainly see them away from home when they play down south. I have also been with mates to watch Reading, not exactly a fan but its good to watch the team where you live.

    irregular....I could say lots about Leeds but I don't want to get struck off the forum!!!!

  • Hi all,

    I am booked in for the Lisbon run, this will be my 3rd marathon.

    Really looking forward to it especially as it will completely different to the other 2 which were based in cities, the relatively straight 24 miles before the city centrre should be a whole new challenge.

    Training started last week, would like to get close to the 4 hr mark.


    do agree with Atom on that overseas run are a great way to see a city, my first 2 runs were Valencia and Seville, both amazing cities,



  • Is anyone doing the half marathon, run on the same weekend, but has a different start point, on the Vasco de Garma bridge?

  • Hi Daniel

    andyp and irregular+ wife are doing the half and are on the forum.

    Rob Marsden 2....myself and a mate are going for 3:45 but could end up slipping to around 4hrs. Training started with a few 10k's completed and 5 to 6 mile runs during the week. It all starts to ramp up during July.'s the training going@

  • Hi folks,

    Ill be traveling out for this one with a group of friends. Did anybody manage to get hold of a coarse profile, I can't find it anywhere? .

  • Hi Flintstone,yes I have it but I don't know how to attach it to this forum. If you send me your e-mail on a private message then I can send it to you.


    Where are you traveling from? 

  • Thanks Atom,

    I think there is about twelve of us going out from Cornwall with most doing the marathon, its  become a bit of a club tradition to travel to a foriegn marathon each Autumn.  

    I have no idea how to p.m you my e-mail, would appreciate any help in this.

  • Flintstone

    Sounds like a great crack....I am sure we will here you around Lisbon!

    If you click on my name it should bring up my profile and allow you to message me directly.



  • My girlfriend and I have booked flights with the intention of running the half. I haven't booked a hotel yet, there are some great deals about but its hard to know what area to book. I know the run starts and finishes at the Vasco De Gamma bridge (finishes near there) so was thinking a hotel in that area would work out well for the race (think its moscidade train station), but apparently its a half hour metro ride into the centre which wouldn't be ideal for the rest of the stay, bearing in mind we are mainly going for a holiday and the race is just an added bonus!

  • How's the training going for everybody?  We have 9 weeks to go so stepping up the miles now. Planning for a 16 miler on Sat morning. If we can train in this weather then Lisbon should be cooler.

  • If anyone's interested in football, Benfica are at home the weekend of the marathon. I've heard tickets are around the 30 Euro mark depending on where you sit.

  • We might have a look at this. I will have a look online to see the timings and costs. If its the Saturday it will keep us out of the pub!!!!

  • I think its currently scheduled for Saturday, kick off at 18:00 so as you say, perfect distraction, although games are much more relaxed over in Europe and you can drink alcohol at your seat while watching the match!

    As I'm only running the half with my girlfriend (aiming for sub 2 hours) I can probably allow myself a nice pint of Sagresimage

    When the ticket details are released I'll add a link on here.

  • Cheers James its sounds like a good option.

  • 9 weeks to go and so the training for the marathon is stepping up. Just under 40 miles this week with an LSR of 13 miles this morning. Legs felt it a bit as I should have been only about 30miles at this stage.


  • Only 6 weeks to go and the long miles are starting. 20 miler on Sunday and then 3*22 miles the next weeks. How's the training for the half and marathon going?

  • Not long now guys, 10 of us Cornish runners going on the Friday. Looking forward to it.

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