Hi just a quick hello from another newbie I have been lurking for a while reading the banter and picking up bits of advice.Another middle aged guy trying to lose weight get fit and do some triathlons.


  • hullo!

    Any events planned?

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Hi yes at the moment I am doing the slateman sprint in May and either the Brutal half or the sandman in September depending on how the hold up due to Achilles problems.

  • Sounds ideal prep for joining the pirate sailing next year image

  • Hi Trogs that's the plan I did a sprint tri last year and really got the bug so looking forward to getting a few more in this summer and I have already picked up some good tips from here while lurking.

  • Another lamb to the slaughter image

  • Not until Meldy comes along! image

  • Way to chuck yourself in at the deep end image how do you feel about yellow...

  • Liking the idea of the yellow Buttercup went open water swimming this morning and I have a long way to go before long distances

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