Grand Shaftesbury Run 2014

Just wondered if anyone had done this one before? Am thinking of doing the 10km race but wasn't sure how 'trailly' it was? I don't have trail shoes, only standard road running Saucony's. I can't see much on the site to suggest whether it's mainly paths or more off-road? Just wondered really if anyone had done it and knew much about the run? The pitcures look stunning - thought it might be a nice return to running races post Manchester marathon.


  • Hi Kirsty, did the 13 miler last year. Hard course and very rural! Saying that it is one of those runs that because of the scenery it makes it an absolute pleasure to run. If I remember the 10k was more popular then the 13, for obvious reasons, but followed most of the same course. I have to admit everybody that I spoke on the day or ran with was really nice. Pretty well organised, just remember to follow the correct coloured arrows! Lol. If you like something a little tougher than the norm with fantastic scenery then give this one a go.

    If it's been dry your shoes should be ok, if it's been wet then it will be slippery under foot. 

  • Hi Chris

    The organisers sent me a profile on twitter - it looks pretty much as I thought - hilly (for my anyway!) but looks like a beautiful course and I'd had good reviews from others I've mentioned it to so I entered last weekend. Will treat it as a lovely training run in the countryside instead of targeting a time and just enjoy it.

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