wye valley warriors

nest sunday  4th May........just entered as I had noticed the forest of dean sportive has been cancelled and put back till later in the year


anyone signed up for it..looks a lovely route and a hill or two



  • Seren, I a thinking about entering maybe the middle distance one, not sure yet?



  • its the same price for the long as for the middle.........I'm so tight that I entered the long as better value for money image


  • Hubby isn't pleased as he has only been twice on his bike this year and I don't think he rode more than twice last year........

    he managed a 45 miler and a 50 miler so i have entered him for the long one as well.......he is already worried about his arse hurting image

  • Seren, I don't thing my legs have that many miles in them Yet!!!


  • Was looking at it, but then, I'm working a 10-11 hour night shift, so would have a late set off, around 8:30 ish. Don't think I could manage the epic distance with a 4 o'clock cut off, 7 1/2 hours is tight with over 9000 ft of climbing, well, it is for me.

    may do the standard though, just need my knees to give the go ahead after yesterday.

  • Yep. I'm in for the 100 miler. Can't be as hard as yesterday's ToP, unless the weather changes. Drive the bit from Longtown to Abergavenny, if weather is good will be a hard but fantastic section. Drag from Monmouth through Trellick not much fun, buy hey ho!

    Cut offs, didn't realise there were sny
  • cutoffs.i didn't notice cutoffs...better make sure i'm there bright and early


  • lloks good saint.but its the week before the brecon man half ironman and as that looks a toughie I think i will have an easier week the week before......

    antone else entered for the brecon man.......

  • I'm in, gluten for punishment
  • Mtri........only 44 entered so far.......I'm looking forward to the Llangynydir climb at the end of the bike...might be the first time I have to walk the bike in a race...........remembered I had to walk in the first IMW before I missed the cutoffs......



  • I tried Llangynidr last week in prep for the Titan, I didn't even make it to the hair pins image But will keep trying till I get there.


  • I was planning on a rece of the bike course wednesday........hopefully the weather forecast will improve


  • Don't know if it's cut offs as such, but website says they want everyone off course by 4 pm, so there will be riders going out and clearing the course with that time as a target. I suppose there would be some leeway.


  • Looks good I think I might be tempted with this see how the legs are tomorrow but thinking it would be good training. 

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