Mizuno Creation help required!

I have been using Mazunio Rider 02 since April and found them to be a good shoe but after only 330 miles they have given up the ghost. After spending a lot of time looking for a new pair I decided to spend the cash ( £85)and I bought a pair of Creation but I'm not enjoying them every time I ware them my feet become very sore ( 125 miles todate ).The main reason I bought them is that I'm doing the Dublin Marathon in 3 weeks and I have no confidence in these shoes. Is it too late to buy another pair of shoes or should I keep with the Creation? will they get better.


  • Chris

    I have no experience of running in Mizunos, partly because when I just tried some on they didn't feel comfortable.

    As far as changing your shoes 3 weeks before a race, I wouldn't be too concerned. I got a pair of Saucony Grid Swerves about ten days prior to doing London this year and they felt great from the moment I tried them on.

    They were recommended to me by Up & Running www.runningshoes.co.uk and were on a special offer at £34.99. Might be worth giving them a call - the number is on their website.
  • I found Mizunos too narrow for my feet eventually. I was getting ache in the bone down the side of my foot after runs.

    HAd to do London in them though as I only discovered this the day before, and I was OK.
  • chris,
    its okay to change your shoes in time for dublin, but when you say your feet get sore, where on your foot and is is blistered/red and swollen/blackblue?
  • Hi Chris,

    Shouldn't be any problem in changing your shoes and in any case it's got to be better than running a marathon in something that's going to cripple your feet.

    Your experiences with the Creations are interesting. I had a pair until recently and initially they were really good - superb cushioning and pretty supportive. But they only lasted about 260 miles and towards the end I definitely felt the support was giving way and I was getting quite serious blistering under my arches, which I've never had with any shoe before.

    Chucked 'em in the bin and I'm afraid I won't be buying any more - I expect about 500 miles out of a pair of shoes, particularly when they cost 90 quid!

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