Week 2 day 1 of rybo done

I'm forty and fat and would like to see my feet in the shower again. So I picked up the runners world run your belly off magazine. To whit I was up this morning before the kids and put for my thirty minutes exercise. Walk 4 run 1. Went okay, didn't die, dogs didn't chase me and kids didn't stop and point....... Bonus. I feel really pumped, ridiculous I know after my 2k this morning but there you have it. Anyway just thought I'd say hi and you can be sure I'll be boring you with my progress over the coming days and weeks.


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Yayyy image 

    Well done, just keep on plodding. image Unfortunatly it's not a quick fix solution but it's an awesome way of getting fit as well just keep on plodding image 

  • Hi - I just found your post - tonight I have just done week 2 day 1!  Have you stuck with it?  Have you found your feet yet?

    (41 and searching for my feet too!)




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