Do I need to do dynamic stretching at this pace / level?


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I've just started a c25k programme; should I be doing dynamic stretching before starting the day's training, or is that something for rather faster runners? I'm currently doing a five-minute warm-up walk and that's about it.

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  • I've never really stretched and I'm fine for it - but I thought the current thinking was stretching after the run - not before ?

    Unless I missed an article and we're back to before running ?
  • The articles I've read seem to suggest dynamic stretching before working out and static stretching afterwards. Does a slow coach like me need to do anything more than a brisk walk before commencing the day's walk / run intervals? Or is dynamic stretching more for speedsters? image
  • Dynamic stretching before is better and static after -

    Once warm and done some dynamic stretching then a jog and static stuff is fine

    Any ability is fine and it's about preparing the muscles and legs etc in the same way.

    If you static stretch first - you open yourself to straining a muscle which is tight and had restricted blood flow to it!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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    Just walk for a minute or two before you start, at c25k it is probably sufficient, as long as you aren't trying to run at breakneck speed. 

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    Nowt wrong with getting into good habits straight away. Also if you do walking backward lunges, this will 'activate' your glutes. 

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