I am not a runner, but

I am not a runner. Due to the present situation I needed to purchase a treadmill for the health issue. I check around in the internet and found few treadmills, but not sure which one is suitable for me. I should mention that I used treadmill in the nearby gym which was helpful.

I looked at this page at your site: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/general-running/best-treadmill-to-get/187992.html . Ms Debra Bourne mentioned about a website http://www.treadmill-running-machine-review.co.uk/compare_treadmills.html which I read through. Then I found Reebok ZR9 which was reviewed by the site, but it was reviewed by 12 people who were happy. I found Reebok ZR9 Treadmill in Argos with the price tag of £500.00 with good review. Then I found Elevation Fitness HM3 Treadmill in Argos with no review. My only concern is the width of the belt, and motor size. Reebok ZR9 has Running surface size L130, W41cm and Elevation Fitness HM3 has surface size L150, W51cm.

I wonder if any of you has used above treadmill, if so what is your experience with them. Also I wonder if there are alternative choices to the above ones. I would like to purchase this expensive tool up to £500.

Many thanks


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