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Silly running styles...

having seen a few photos of myself running recently, I've realised that I still run as though I was cradling the ball playing lacrosse, lower arm flapping across my waist, upper arm flapping across my chest. Either my school was great at indoctrinating the girls with lifelong habits or I'm a crap runner.

Mr Snail runs with one arm going backwards and forwards and the other moving in circles...

As it's New Year, and time to 'fess up to all your sins and break those bad habits, does anyone else think they got their running style from the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Runs?

Come on, give us all a laugh, some of us have to go back to work tomorrow...


  • If you didnt't notice this morning Snail. trainee #2 runs as if beating off a swarm of mosquitos.
    She has improved slightly since I took the p*ss for two weeks solid and threatened to tie her hands together.

    Me .............. I'm perfect as you should well know!
  • Oooo Snail, I'll have to sign you up for the maturite lacrosse team!
  •'s me head, me @rse is coming...
  • lol, Jj! you're not alone there though!!

    Plum - no I didn't notice, I was too busy trying to work out where you were going next! Your hand signals leave a little to be desired ;-)

    Meerkat - nooooooooooooooooooooo! been there, done that, worn the big knickers. Never again, unless lacrosse becomes fashionable and there's some nice kit to be bought... though I do still have 3 or 4 sticks up in the loft, and nostalgia has made me prevent Mr Snail from throwing them out on numerous occasions!

  • My arms swing across my body too much but it reminds me of Liz McColgan, & she could run quick............

    It's difficult to judge for yourself how you run, you need a video of another runner to tell you!

    Gebreselassie, runs as if he's still holding his school books

    Paula has a nodding head

    There was a runner out on the RW spring training camp nicknamed
    Zig-a-Zagger, because he used to run from side to side!

    Plum, your just wonderful!!!
  • Tim, last time I saw you run, you looked as though your knees were bound together with stout rope...

  • I don't see how!

    I finished behind you ;-)
  • oh, so your knees WERE bound together!
  • quite a few of the - um - hunkier runners I see do that side to side motion. It's rather cute...
  • with your wooly scaf!
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